The following diagram illustrates how to add finishing touches to the Kimono Paper Doll along with decoration suggestions. The Kimono Paper Doll can be used as a stand-up Oriental paper doll, an ornament, a decorative favor in a floral arrangement, a bookmark, a greeting card decoration or whatever suits your fancy.
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Step 1:
Lining triangle and smaller outer layer triangle with creases. The smaller triangle (outer layer) is placed over the larger triangle (lining) as illustrated with back sides of lining paper and outer layer facing together. Fold edge of the long side of the lining triangle inward toward you as in the diagram for the basic kimono fold. The lining edging becomes the the collar and the trim which overlaps the colorful kimono outer layer. Complete steps 2-5 from the Basic Kimono Fold Diagram. Also complete pieces of appropriate size for head and umbrella mat and secure to kimono.
Step 2:
Back of Kimono Paper Doll. Fold up flap of outer layer kimono tip. Fold top crease of lining up, second crease down, tuck the wide rectangular lining flap under the outer layer triangle flap and fold liner triangle tip up over the outer layer to look like the illustration in Step 3.
Step 3:
Back of Kimono Paper Doll. Feet need to be folded along the edge of the kimono's base.
Step 4:
Front of decorated Kimono Paper Doll. Decorations and trims can be secured with hot glue or tacky glue. Feet need to be folded along the edge of the kimono's base to extend forward 90 degrees. The Kimono Paper Doll stands-up if you squeeze her sides lightly before placing her upright on a display area. A little practice maybe needed to get the correct balance for your paper doll.
Step 5:
Not quite a step. Just a decorating idea. I made this card for a couple of bonsai friends who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary back in 1995. The wife paper doll is not really holding a pretty fan. The fan is part of the kimono paper motif pattern. The kimono paper was cut and folded to make use of one of the fan motifs on the kimono paper.

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