The following diagram illustrates my basic kimono fold step-by-step with a single sheet of paper with contrasting sides. In this example, for instance, a triangle is cut diagonally from half a square of textured gold foil Christmas gift wrap/door decorating paper.
Please note that these paper doll diagrams are for private use only. Please do not redistribute or publish these diagrams without my express written consent. Mahalo, doje, arigato, grazie, danke...many thanks!
Sincere Li,

Step 1:
Paper creases.
Step 2:
Fold edge of the long side of the triangle inward toward you. The edging becomes the the collar and contrasting trim. The tips of the edging become the feet by Step 4.
Step 3:
The darkened creases of Step 2 fold inward and overlap to look like the illustration in Step 3.
Step 4:
The darkened creases of Step 3 fold inward to become the feet in Step 4.
Step 5:
The darkened creases of Step 4 fold inward to become the long sleeves in Step 5. The sleeves may be posed or folded slightly differently to suggest arm movement or gestures.

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