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Since I was born and raised American, I can't get a hang of the metric system. I still think in inches and feet rather than centimeters and meters. Hence, I added a Javascript American-Metric Conversion Calculator to the Kimono Sizes & Hints page for our international vistors.
I designed the kimono fold as a simple three dimensional stand-up model for designing Chinese and Japanese doll clothes. The stand-up kimonos looked like fancy headless mannequins. I added heads to make them look less obake (ghostly). I come from Hawaii, and we have our own Japanese obake stories. The Chinese creativity which I inheritted from my grandmother, Bo Lin, stepped-in as I began decorating these little fancy models. Chinese folk have a tendency to be a bit more decorative in folk crafts. So what started-out as a simple three dimensional origami model, blossomed into legions of oriental paper dolls, geisha, princesses, angels, fairies and so forth because I have a bad habit of sending little momentos in my snail mail correspondence to friends and associates.
Please note that these paper doll diagrams are for private use only. Please do not redistribute or publish these diagrams without my express written consent. Mahalo, doje, arigato, grazie, danke...many thanks!
Sincere Li,

Kimono Fold & Accessories Diagrams:
Basic Kimono Fold
Oriental Head Fold
Modular Umbrella Mat
Kimono Paper Doll Assembly
Kimono Sizes & Hints
Bright Angel Assembly

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