Ming Fisher, Side One

Polaroid Instant Snapshot of Side One of the Ming Fisher

Three Ming Aralias were planted in an angular slant in the background, small tree (5 inches/~12.5 cm), tall two-trunked tree (11 inches/~28 cm), small tree (4 inches/~10 cm) along with small black lava rock fingers planted bewteen and in the back of the trees. In the foreground, a black sand beach is sprinkled with glistening horticultural charcoal. All trees and rocks lean in the direction of a solitary old fisherman (Chinese glazed figurine, 3 inches/~7.5 cm) who has just hooked a golden fairy fish. The pot, a cobalt blue glazed rectangle (9 inches/~23 cm x 6 inches/~15 cm x 2 inches/~5 cm), emphasizes an imaginary border of water and matches the base glaze of the rock which the fisherman sits on. For a touch of whimsy, my favorite furry kitten, Snow Tiger (Chinese sculpted fur figurine, 3 inches/~7.5 cm), is hiding in the far right corner ready to pounce on the fish. Snow Tiger is a very naughty kitty.


Bonsai Table Scraps

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