Ming Fisher, Side Two

Polaroid Instant Snapshot of Side Two of the Ming Fisher

The Ming Fisher Planting actually has two front sides--one side for when I want to focus on the solitary fisherman and another side for when I want to focus on the movement of the trees and rocks with the fisherman in the distance. When I get a chance to take better photos, the rocks will be more defined. The rocks jut out in the same direction of the trees as if the earth had shifted toward the sea. Hence, there is movement in the rocks and trees toward the sea shore as if they yearn to hear the songs of the humpback whales, as does homesick me. This is my favorite side to watch as I listen to slack key guitar music from Olomana and think about grandparents David Kawika and Bo Lin. Snow Tiger is off playing with the other figurines and tropical bonsai.


I remember days when we were younger
We used to catch o'opu in the mountain stream
Round the Ko'olau Hills we'd ride on horse back
So long ago, it seems it was a dream

Last night I dreamt I was returning
And my heart called out to you
But I fear you won't be as I left you...
Me Ke Aloha Ku'u Home o Kahalu'u
(Lyrics by OLOMANA)

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