A PENJING is a tiny tree and rock planting. It is a living art started in China thousands of years ago. It is also known as Bonsai or Saikei in Japanese Romanji. It is an ancient tradition used to explore and reflect other worlds past, present and future...


1st place in the Altruria Elementary
K-2 Visual Arts Division of the
1997 PTA Reflections Program!

I paint a rock for my SPACE PENJING.
The rock came from my favorite pet store.
I buy stuff for my rats and dogs and
hamster there all the time.

I collect moss in my back yard. I have fun digging with my Mom's little tools...when she lets me use them.

I mix bonsai soil in the garage. Bonsai soil feels kind of like my Daddy's Grape Nuts cereal.

I plant a little tree in the rock using the soil I mixed.The tree is a Ming Aralia (Polyscias fruticosa ). It looks like some of the trees in my Mom's Chinese landscape cork sculptures.

I arrange the moss and glue space figures on the rock. It takes a lot of work to make this look nice!

I must water my SPACE PENJING every day with a spray bottle. Sometimes I help water my Mom's plants. I like helping things grow.

Mission accomplished! I am the astronaut planting the flag on the top of the rock. The other two astronauts are my friend Morgan (right) and Dad (left).

Job well done! This Red Delicious apple will give you an idea of how small my SPACE PENJING is. My dog, Cinnamon, shakes my hand. She is always interested in what I am doing. Sometimes she thinks I am her puppy. I love playing with her.

Watch me plant real trees on space stations and other planets like true Johnny Appleseed astronaut! I may even phone home from Mars in a couple of decades!

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