Weapons & Equipment

Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFVs)

The strength of the Armour arm is derived from these machines which provides the firepower and mobility to spearhead an attack against the enemy lines.

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The following table below provides a brief summary of the military jargons which might be encountered in these pages.

AFV, Armoured Fighting Vehicle. A vehicle intended to engage in combat & is thus armoured and armed. AFV include tank, APC, CFV and IFV.

APC, Armoured Fighting Vehicle. The primary intend of the APC is to transport infantry around the battlefield. It is usually lightly armoured for protection against small arms fire & shell fragments.

IFV, Infantry Fighting Vehicle. It is an AFV designed to transport infantry to the battlefield & provide combat support with its own armour-defeating weapons.

MBT, Main Battle Tank. A heavily armed AFV which carries a large caliber main weapon, capable of participating in the most intense fighting.

Mechanised Infantry. Infantry which rides in APCs or IFVs. Such troops are capable of faster movement & can carry more/heavier weapons, and strike harder than non-mechanised counterparts.

Direct Fire are weapons used to engage targets the firer can see (although the rounds may or may not follow a straight path). Some weapons may be used for both direct & indirect fire.

Indirect Fire is directed against targets the firer cannot see, usually from information provided by forward observers, observation aircraft, UAV/RPV, or recon vehicles. All long range artillery fire is indirect fire.