SPECIES: Grallator
LOCATION: Gary Gaulin's Dinosaur Tracksite, Holyoke, Massachusetts
DATE OF VISIT: August 2000

The above three photos represent the track of Grallator, the most common footprint found at Gary Gaulin's dinosaur tracksite. Hundreds of these prints have already been found by Gaulin, and it is likely that thousands more cover the rock layers that may extend more than a mile into the surface. Grallator was a small and narrow Jurassic track, each of which possessed three toes. Grallator prints have been found across the United States, including Jurassic sites in New England and Jurassic sites in the American west. It is one of the most common dinosaur footprints ever discovered.

The first print above shows a large, odd heel-like impression. It is possible that this impression represents a true heel, a large fourth digit (very unlikely), or is simply a mark left when the Grallator individual dragged its foot. Yet, this mark is intriguing. There is also the possibility that this print may represent a completely new species, perhaps one closely related to Grallator. But, for the time being, this track is still assigned to the Grallator genus, and remains one of the most interesting at Gaulin's site.


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