For Christmas 1999 I received a scanner, so finally I will be able to post original art, computer animated dinosaur graphics, pics from my own fossil collection, and most importantly and interesting, finally make that extensive online photo database of pictures taken from all of the museums and fossil sites I have visited around the world! The scanner is having problems (surprise!), and I have seemed to fix most of them. But, the scanning is still slow and the uploading onto the webserver is even slower! So, be patient with me as I present to you original dinosaur art, computer graphics, pictures of famous paleontologists, pictures of me in museums around the world (joy!), an online database of pictures listed by species, and yes, the database of my travels I have been waiting to add! So, enjoy!

PHOTO DATABASE OF MY TRAVELS IN PALEONTOLOGY--An extensive database of photos from my travels around the world-including: The Field Museum, the Carnegie Museum, the Smithsonian, the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, the Florence Museum of Natural History, the Trento Museum of Natural Science, the Gobi Dinosaur Tour, the Fryxell Museum of Geology, Chicago's Children's Museum, the Burpee Museum in Rockford, Illinois, the Pratt Museum of Natural History, the Redpath Museum, and Dinosaur State Park in Connecticut! Included are not only photos, but a description of the exhibits and quotes from various popular articles and scientific papers. Also included are photos of behind-the-scenes tours!

SPECIES BY SPECIES LIST OF PHOTOS--A database of dinosaur and paleo photos species by species. Included are dinosaurs, of course, plus mammals, sea reptiles, fish, Mazon Creek species, amphibians, and other invertebrates. All photos listed in alphabetical order by genus name.

MY OWN FOSSIL COLLECTION--Highlights from my own fossil collection. While I couldn't post nearly anything, included are some of my major pieces and some examples of some of my most common specimens. Included are dinosaur bones, Mazon Creek specimens, crinoids, corals, ammonites, and trilobites.

ORIGINAL DINOSAUR ART BY CHRIS BRUSATTE--Chris Brusatte, my younger brother at 11, is already an award-winning paleo artist. Now the new scanner gives him an opportunity to broadcast his work around the world. This gallery will grow through time.

SUE: A CRETACEOUS PHOTO GALLERY--One of Dino Land's most popular sections in recent weeks, this photo gallery contains several photos of the newly unveiled Sue mount in Chicago, plus photos of her pathologies, skull, wishbone, unprepared bones, preparation, and casting.

THE BEST OF DINO LAND PHOTOGRAPHY--A selection of the best dinosaur photos on the Dino Land website, hosted by T. Mike Keesey and the Dinosauricon.


COMPUTER DINOSAUR GRAPHICS BY STEVE BRUSATTE--I was never the best at drawing, but now the scanner allows me to be a paleo artist, too. I have used several of the computer's special effects to add some odd twists to my common dinosaur and paleo pictures. Check 'um out. Really cool!

PICTURES OF PALEONTOLOGISTS--This section will also grow, too. Included are pictures of me with several paleontologists, plus pictures I have taken at various lectures and conferences. I also want to start scanning some images from the internet and books to include in this one.

PALEO MAPS AND GRAPHS--This section is still small, but of course, will grow! I have some maps and graphs already included.

PALEOARTISTS DATABASE--A listing of art photos taken at various museums. The photos will be listed by artist.


© 1997

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