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Here are images of my homebuilt Lehman Seismometer. The Lehman is a horizontal boom pendulum broadband seismometer. I have it set to about a 19 second period. More about the Lehman, and how to build one, can be found at the PSN website. (Note-Click on images to enlarge)

Lehman side view  

Lehman side view

Lehman top view  

Lehman top view

Lehman enclosure  

My Lehman seismometer enclosure with glass viewing port.

Amp/Filter board  

Here is Larry Cochrane's 3 channel amp/filter board I have mounted on the wall above the Lehman. Note Karl Cunningham's lo-pass filter board attached to the channel 3 output

Station map  

Kona PSN station location map.

Island relief map  

Big Island relief map.

Year 2000 island quakes  

Big Island map of all quakes in the year 2000.

Here are some images of the Geophone Seismometer (ko2) and vault.

Geospace geophone   

The GeoSpace GS-11D 4.5Hz Vertical Geophone Seismometer.

Geophone vault   

This is my geophone vault before being covered over. The 4" ABS tee is cemented directly onto solid lava bedrock.