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Here are some picts taken of Kilauea volcano's molten lava flow with my good friend John Alexander (Dolphin Bay Hotel in Hilo HI.). John and I have been "playing" with the molten lava for years and have made countless trips into the "back side" of the flow area with his 4 wheel drive. This lava flow is continuing to flow into the ocean to this day and images like some of these can be seen by any adventurous visitor (bring your hiking boots!).

Lava breakout   

This is a small lava "breakout".

Lava drip   

Lava drip.

Lava scoop   

This is me "scooping" the lava with a shovel.

Shovel full starting to drip   

Here is a shovel full of fresh, molten, "pahoehoe" lava close up.

Troweling the lava   

Working with the lava.

Silver dollar   

Embedding a silver dollar into the molten lava.

Lava fall   

This is a "lava fall". Yep...thats me.

Me and a breakout   

Here I am again next to a hot breakout.

Lava breakout   

Another "breakout".

Lava ropes   

Lava "ropes" forming.


This is called a "skylight". Its a hole in the roof of a lava tube looking down at the molten river inside.


Lava entering the sea causing explosions.

Phreatic explosion   

Another nice "Phreatic" explosion.


This is all that remained of the $1.5 million Wahaula Visitor Center.

Sea arch   

Me atop a sea arch.