Welcome To Stephen Ilbery's Home Page! HAPPY FLYING!!!

Welcome To Stephen Ilbery's Home Page!

Radio Control Enthusiast and Telecom Agent.

If you have a midi player, you're listening to Rock 'N Me Baby by The Steve Miller Band!

If you don't hear music, you can Click Here to Get CRESCENDO!

Here's a picture of one of my Hirobo Shuttles!


Here's another picture of me slow flying a Hirobo Shuttle.


Here's a picture of me and a Top Flite Corsair that I built.


I'm glad you stopped in for a visit. I have lot's of cool links for you to check out! ICQ is one of the internet's true wonders! If you don't have it, you have to get it! It lets you communicate with all your friends on the internet, no matter where they are or what they're doing. You can even send file transfers to them directly with it, or open live chat windows with them! More to come soon! Click here to get the ICQ program!!!

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If you like to play games online, you have got to try out the Game Zone at the link below! They have online games of all kinds. Chess, checkers, Backgammon, card games, and lots of others! Best of all it's free!!!

Click here to get connected to the Zone!!!

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