elcome to "The Adventures of the Gyroscopic Inertial Flight Team", a true story in serialized format!


This set of pages constitutes my public record of thoughts from the Mars Conference that took place August 13th to August 16th in Boulder, Colorado, USA. If you are confused at this point, it's possible that you reached this site in error. But I would be happy to explain anyway. David E. and Rosalie Cowlishaw joined me at the founding conference of the Mars Society to demonstrate a bit of technology called the GIT, in the hopes that we could recruit smart (and better funded) researchers to help us learn more about the technology. What follow are journal-style entries describing our adventures, and they were indeed adventures!

Daily Briefings

Update #1

On the Plane


Update #2

Setting up the First Test


Update #3

A Sigh of Relief, but Nervous Anticipation Still


Update #4

Demo Inconclusive, but Talk Well-Attended


Post-Conference Updates

Update #5

Final Thoughts


Update #6

On Pondering the Consequences



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