Trebuchets and Potato Cannons

If you have never heard of a trebuchet before, it might be wise to have a look at this animation before continuing.

Hi. If you like to hurl, toss, throw, fling, fire, shoot,or otherwise launch things, this is the site for you. Projects I have completed and will add to this page are a trebuchet capable of throwing small rocks wieghing several pounds over 100 yards, and a Potato cannon, with a muzzle velocity of 43 meters per seconds (about 95 mph). There will be pics, results, and instructions. The project I am currently working on is a new trebuchet to throw myself and other willing participants into a lake. This machine was inspired by Ron Toms whos has constructed a similar one. Read about it at If my site is still in the construction phase, keep checking in. Meanwhile, check out my mountain biking site, or e-mail me at:

peole have dropped in.

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