Youth Against Racism in Europe

Y.R.E Launched

Because of the activities of Fascist Parties including the B.N.P a number of anti Racists and Anti fascists came together to form Youth Against Racism in Europe (Y.R.E). The Y.R.E was launched at an international demonstration against racism and fascism of 40,000 in Brussels, Belgium, on the 24th October 1992.

The Y.R.E is now active in 15 European countries.

Y.R.E branches bring together young people to oppose racism through demonstrations,activity,education and discussion. In Britain we have become the most successful left-wing youth organisation for years.

Y.R.E. played a leading role in the campaign to shut the British National Party Headquarters in Welling, Kent. we co-organised the two major national demonstrations for the closure of the B.N.P.'s Nazi bunker, one of 8,000 on May 8 1993 and one of 50,000 on October 16 1993. The huge campaign, which was waged locally and nationally, by YRE and many other groups, has now resulted in an order from the Department of the Environment for the B.N.P HQ to close.

In 1993 the Y.R.E produced a double album with tracks from Bjork,Jamiroquai,Corner shop, Fun-da-mental, Credit to the Nation, The Shamen, and 21 other artists. In August 1994 Y.R.E.,Fun-da-mental and other artists launched Artists against Racism in Europe(A.R.E). Many artists, including Ken Loach, have since signed the A.R.E. charter. Our International Anti-Nazi camp in Germany last year attracted over 1,500 people from 18 different countries.

This year Y.R.E in the North East produced an Anti-Racist Education Pack for schools, colleges and youth clubs. This has been received with enthusiasm and sold out within 2 months of the first print run. Newcastle Y.R.E. are reprinting it; and the Y.R.E. are preparing another education pack to be used nationally, which will be out by the end of the year.

We are organising an international anti-racist campaign during the European National Championships next year. In the wake of the riot organised by fascists at the Dublin match earlier this year, we aim to build a united campaign of fans and players to kick racism out of football. We are also campaigning against the government's new immigration regulations, which aim to make large numbers of public sector workers into immigration officials and criminalise the black and Asian community further.

Where ever the Nazis try to organise, the local Y.R.E branch will organise to stop them. We campaign against racial harassment and racial attacks.

The Y.R.E are campaigning for justice for people like Oliver Campbell , Winston Silcott and the M25 three who are all black people imprisoned for crimes they did not commit.

We will take up any issue related to racism and young people's rights, in some areas Y.R.E branches have been involved in campaigns for youth facilities, protecting special needs students from being bullied, etc.

School students in particular have been very active in the Y.R.E, both in campaigns outside their schools and combating racism inside school. We regularly visit schools to speak with the students about racism and fascism, and what can be done about them.

Y.R.E members are against all forms of discrimination. we believe everyone has the right to be treated equally whether they are Asian, black or white, male or female, gay or straight, disabled or able-bodied, Jewish or Gentile; the list could go on.

Y.R.E believes that racism is something that people learn, and therefore educating people about what racism means and how it is used, is a large part of our work.

We believe that it is the economic system we live in that creates poverty, unemployment and low wages. one of the slogans that we use most often is "JOBS AND HOMES NOT RACISM" is designed to get the idea across that racism can not help young people but united, we can fight for a better future.

Y.R.E. is democratic and involves its members in the decision-making and running of the organisation.

Young people of all races, Asian, black and white, must unite against racism. We are the ones who have most to lose, and most to gain. United we can defeat the racists.

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