Youth Against Racism in Europe

No Platform

The argument as to whether the B.N.P, N.F, or any other rag-tag Nazi organisation has the right to propagate their vicious views is one that provokes much discussion.

Often, when campaigning or leafleting, the argument is put forward that we live in a democratic society, and as such, the fascists have a legitimate right to organise. However, things are not quite as simple as that.Is it really true to say that everyone has freedom of speech? I believe in freedom of speech, but not when that freedom is used in a way that discriminates against whole communities.

For decades working class people have fought to build up a democratic society; the right for everyone to vote; the right to join a trade union; the right to assemble; the right to freedom of speech, the list goes on.

If the B.N.P are allowed a legal platform, everything we and our ancestors have built up through the decades risks being destroyed. The B.N.P will do its best to smash our democratic rights and organisations, and limit media freedom.

Our "NO PLATFORM FOR THE B.N.P" argument is not a question of taking democratic rights away from people we disagree with, it is just the fact that the B.N.P abuse their right to freedom of speech. Additionally, the B.N.P use these benefits to inflict violence and death on anyone who challenges their "ideal" of "racial purity",

There is a proven link between allowing the B.N.P a platform and the incidence of racist attacks; this is all borne out by events in the area around the B.N.P "ex" headquarters in welling south London, where attacks have escalated in the past two years, culminating in the murders of Rolan Addams, Rohit Duggal and Stephen Lawrence.

As Caitlin Morgan, Co-presenter of Naked City, said "freedom is being able to walk down the street without getting your head kicked in"

In effect, the B.N.P pose a threat to democracy as we know it, a fact proven by their attacks not only on ethnic communities, but also gays and lesbians, left-wing organisations, and even the disabled.

In Germany before the war, Hitler used the process of democracy to gain power, and then systematically dismantled the democratic system. It is on this basis that the B.N.P should be denied a platform, and the responsibility lies with all of us to achieve this.

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