Strangeways 1990: a serious disturbance

by Nicki Jameson and Eric Allison
With a foreword by Michael Mansfield QC
Photographs by Ged Murray

Published April 1995, 192pp Price £7.95

'There are very few books that really explain what goes on in prison. This is essential reading for anyone who is in any way interested in justice; anyone who wants to know about the prison system, what it's really like, what it can do to you, has to read this book.' Billy Power, Birmingham 6

'This book... makes a vital contribution to the continuing campaign for change. It does so because it has the insight of an insider and because it tells a story so far untold in untrammelled fashion.' Michael Mansfield QC

Cuba Vive! Defend Socialism!

The Nuestro Tiempo Brigade December 1995-January 1996

Rock around the Blockade 1

The Cuban revolution 3

The Special Period 5

Brigade Diary 6

Interview with UJC -

Organising youth in Cuba 8

CDRs - people's power 10

FMC - A revolution within a revolution 11

Health in Cuba 12

Schools for the visually impaired 13

Fighting AIDS 14

Tourism 14

Children of the revolution 15

Build socialism 16

First published July 1996

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The Legacy of the Bolshevik Revolution

Edited by Eddie Abrahams ISBN 095400 14 3 Published 1992 144pp Normal price £4.50

'This polemical and incisive work offers even those who don't specialise in the subject matter a valuable text for reflecting upon the ideological issues of the day. 'Eloy Alberto Ortega, Granma International

Labour: a party fit for imperialism

by Robert Clough ISBN 0 905400 14 3 Published 1992 192pp Normal price £4.95

'For a view of the Labour Party outside its red rose and double-breasted suit image, this is a valuable work.'

John Pilger

The New Warlords: from the Gulf War to the Recolonisation of the Middle East

Edited by Eddie Abrahams ISBN 0 905400 17 8 Published 1994, 192pp Normal price £5.95

'Analysing today's historical events in any greater depth than news coverage takes courage, a belief in the force of argument and a large slice of confidence... All three books are admirably displayed and in more than a score of tightly argued essays the eight authors paint an unpleasant picture of colonial domination in the Third World and give another, worrying view of so-called peace moves in the middle East.' Malcolm Handley, Liverpool Daily Post

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