Revolutionary Communist Group
What we stand for:

Capitalist society is based on the exploitation of the working class by the ruling class, for profit. Internationally, imperialism divides the world into oppressed and oppressor nations: the majority lives in poverty, while a tiny minority squanders unprecedented wealth. By restricting production worldwide to the narrow limits of profit-making, the basic needs of the majority of humanity cannot be fulfilled.

In Britain today more than four million are unemployed with many people - women in particular - trapped in low wage, part-time jobs. 25% of the population - the majority women and children - lives in poverty, with low wages, lower benifit and fewer social services. Meanwhile, money-grabbers in the newly-privatised industries (like water authorities) and banks amass profits and pay their directors inflated salaries.

The RCG supports the struggle of the working class to defend and improve its living standards.

Racist attacks are on the increase. The police do nothing to defend black people against attack, and instead blame black people for crime. At the same time, Britain's racist immigration laws are used to harrass, detain and deport black people.

The RCG fights against racism and fascism in all its forms. We support the right of black people to organise and defend themselves against racist attack. We oppose all immigration laws.

While the working class bears the brunt of the crisis, new laws like the Criminal Justice Act and Public Order Act and anti-trade-union laws have been introduced to criminalise the right to protest.

The RCG opposes the Criminal Justice Act and fights to defend democratic rights - the right to organise and protest.

Britain is an imperialist country. Ireland is Britain's oldest colony and the nationalist working class of the Six Counties are subject to military occupation and brutal repression.

The RCG supports the struggle of the Irish people for self-determination and calls for the immediate withdrawal of British Troops.

The richest 20% of the worldís popluation consumes 83% of its wealth and resources. It is the capitalist system which consigns billions to poverty. Internationally, oppressed nations are driven into poverty and debt by imperialism as multinationals extort superprofits from the labour of the poor. Throughout Asia, Africa and eastern Europe the effects of the free market are obvious - low wages, appalling work conditions, poverty and starvation for the mass of the people; environmental degradation, corruption and repression in government.

The RCG supports the struggle of all oppressed people against imperialism.

The RCG supports socialist Cuba and condemns the illegal US blockade. Today Cuba carries the banner of socialism in a world dominated by a vicious and rapacious imperialist system. It has demonstrated what socialism can bring to people even in a country under siege.

We fight actively in defence of the Cuban revolution.

Whilst 1.3 billion people are so poor they cannot meet their basic needs for food or shelter, 70% of global trade , 30% of world output and 80% of international investment, is controlled by only 500 companies.

In the seas, fish populations are being dangerously depleted; nature's balance is being altered across vast areas of the world's oceanic ecosystems in ways that may be irreversible, and key species in the complex web of marine biodiversity are threatened.

Annual emissions of carbon, which produce carbon dioxide, the leading greenhouse gas, have climbed to a new high, altering the very composition of the atmosphere and the earth's heat balance.

The land's biological riches are also being rapidly and irreversibly diminished. Huge areas of forests, in temperate as well as tropical regions, are being degraded or cleared eliminating whole communities of plants and animals.

The needs of human beings and the environment are secondary to the profit-drive of multinational companies.

The RCG supports the struggle to defend the environment.

The Labour Party is a ruling class party which defends capitalism. In power it has never defended the interests of the working class.

The RCG fights for the independent interests of the whole working class. We do not support any of the pro-capitalist parties in elections.

The RCG fights against prejudice and bigotry, which are used by the ruling class to divide and weaken the working class.

We oppose all discrimination against black people, women, lesbians, gay men and people with disabilities.

The defence of the working class and oppressed can only come from the working class organising democratically and independently in its own interests, in Britain and internationally.

The Revolutionary Communist Group stands for the rebirth of a socialist movement internationally to destroy capitalism and imperialism and replace them with a socialist society, organised to defend the interests of the working class and the oppressed.

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