Bruce R. Gilson's Game Page, still under construction.

This is mostly a page to guide you to other sources of information. Rather than trying to put everything up myself, I've used the linking nature of the Web to show you what the best sites I've found are.

My interest in games is restricted mainly to board games (especially those related to Chess, but abstract board games in general) and card games. I'm really totally uninterested in role-playing/fantasy games, and hardly consider them to be games: though some may be included at the sites my links point to, I can't help that, but of course, I've put up links only to sites that have a good representation of the kind of games I like.

Not much here yet. I'm still looking for good links. You can help by writing me if you have found any that don't appear here and might fit in with these. There is a very comprehensive listing of Chess variants, as well as a list of other games, compiled by Hans Bodlaender.

The rules of a large number of card games are available on John McLeod's website.

Michael Keller (a personal friend of mine) is the Editor and Publisher of World Game Review (a nice magazine, in which I've published some of my own creations).

You can also get information about The Game Report, Peter Sarrett's quarterly magazine about games. (He also has an online version.)

The B. R. Gilson ( July 3, 1997.

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