Bruce's page on paper money collection, still under construction.

Notaphily is the branch of numismatics that deals with paper money (aka banknotes, aka currency). While there are a lot of numismatic sites around, since I'm much more interested in paper money than coins, I've organized this page to point you specifically to notaphilic pages.

This is not a page with a lot of links, because my policy is to give primarily links to major sites, which in turn provide lots of other links. It means you may need to click once more than if I'd copied all the links myself, but it keeps my page manageable. I hope this is no problem for you. You get more useful links this way, I think.

I have put up a little gallery of notes from other sites, just to show what you can find.

Useful Internet sites

The best site I have seen so far is put up by a Canadian. It really has a complete resource list for people interested in paper money.

While I favor giving links to pages like the Canadian page I just cited, some individual sites are just too good to omit. Aaron's Currency Collection includes so many nice illustrations, I had to put it in.

Ronnie J. Phillips also has a nice set, though very heavy on U.S. items. But it has quite a big collection of worldwide notes, including links to some other sites.

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