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In the middle of the Eastern Transylvanian Alps -
there's a place where you can enjoy freedom and the
pure feeling of untouched nature.
Come and see it - as long as it still lasts ...
Breath the most clean air of Europe,
feel yourself the mystery and loneliness of the
forever green fir&pine forests...
The area is famous for its unspoiled nature and direct and easy access to the most celebrated Romanian pieces of Medieval Art - The
painted Orthodox Monasteries. The place is called Campulung Moldovenesc - a long valley stretched along mountains and Moldova River.

For a warm place to stay while touring the regions or just feeding yourself with peace and relaxation, here I am recommending you an address. Your host would be a young couple: Viorel and Cici.

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The house - also called "Casa Alba" -
has been recently renovated

Viorel and Cici have a beautiful house, nicely located in the center of the town.(10 min. walking from the train station)

In the summer or in the winter, they can host 1-5 families. They will provide also breakfast with fresh natural ingredients and if you want to experience the interesting Moldavian 'cuisine' ...Cici is just the right cook.

The prices are very reasonable - far less than what the local hotels are asking for. Besides that, you will fell surrounded with hospitality and friendship.

This in an image from the big (covered) balcony of the house. This is a peaceful corner  - ideally for reading, drinking tea/coffee or just playing cards.....
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The rooms are very clean and spacious.
See here.

The places around are images from a fairy tale. In the summer, the valleys are covered with hay-stacks and the smell of the hay floats everywhere.

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Each winter, Viorel and Cici are decorating a Christmas tree for the guests. Combine this with the romantic ceramic stoves which are keeping the house warm and cozy and you can partly imagine the nice atmosphere.

In the winter, just outside the house WB01626_.gif (272 bytes)--- plenty of snow is waiting for you. You can enjoy also the Ski Track.

In the summer go see the mountains, the endless forests, walk around the hay-stacks, pick-up flowers and dream..... You will never have enough time to get bored.
There are plenty of things to do!!


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<-----This is an image of Campulung Moldovenesc. You can observe the long valley and the perfect surroundings. There is no pollution or whatever you are running away from...Just simple, basic and confortable.

Keep in mind this address - and plan the holiday there - as many people are discovering this place.

For more information, you can call them directly and ask for Viorel.(he speaks good English)
You can also
send me an email - I can get in touch with them immediately.

Viorel & Cici Albu
Str. Ciprian Porumbescu nr. 16
Campulung Moldovenesc, 5950
jud. Suceava

Tel: +40 303 11 585


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