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Toastmasters Ring
by Joyce Holland.

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You are hereby invited to join the Toastmasters Club Ring, please fill out the form below. You'll then be sent an email confirming that your site has been added to the Queue. Before you can be added to the ring, you'll need to add the HTML fragment for the ring to your page. Once you have added the HTML fragment to your page, e-mail me at and, provided your site meets the criteria, I'll add you to the ring.

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It may be that you cannot gain access to WebRing for some reason. All sites go down from time to time. If you want to join the ring, you can always mail me and ask to add you to the queue. If you are just browsing round the ring, you can have a look at the sites by clicking here. I'll be updating the index page from time to time, but the current Ring and Queue pages are to be found on the WebRing database.

Thank you to all the people who have joined the Toastmasters Club Ring so far.

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Want to join the ring? Go to The Toastmasters Ring Homepage.

Starting Point

The Toastmasters Ring originated July 14, 1997

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January 12, 2000