Another favorite poem, that illustrates England's tyranny is "WHO IS IRELAND'S ENEMY",the author is anonymous.


Who is Ireland's enemy?

Not Germany, nor Spain,

Not Russia, France nor Austria;

They forged for her no chains,

Nor quenched her hearths,

Nor razed her homes,

Nor laid her altars low,

Nor sent her sons to tramp the hills

Amid the winter snow.

Who spiked the heads of Irish priests

On Dublin Castle's gate?

Who butchered helpless Irish babes,

A lust for blood to sate?

Who outraged Irish maidenhood,

And tortured aged sires,

And spread from Clare to Donegal

The glare of midnight fires?

Who scourged our land in 'Ninety-Eight,

Spread torment far and wide,

Till Ireland shrieked in woe and pain,

And Hell seemed fair beside?

Who plied the pitch-cap and the sword,

The gibbet and the rack?

O God! that we should ever fail

To pay those devils back.

Who slew the three in Manchester,

One grim November dawn,

While 'round them howled sadistically

The Devil's cruel spawn?

Who shattered many Fenian minds

In dungeons o'er the foam,

And broke the loyal Fenian hearts

That pined for them at home?

Who shot down Clarke and Connolly

And Pearse at dawn of day,

And Plunkett and MacDiarmada,

And all who died as they?

Who robbed us of MacSwiney brave?

Who murdered Mellows, too,

Sent Barry to a felon's grave,

And slaughtered Cathal Brugha?

Not Germany nor Austria,

Not Russia, France nor Spain

That robbed and reaved this land of ours,

And forged her heavy chains;

But England of the wily words --

A crafty, treacherous foe --

'Twas England scourged our Motherland,

'Twas England laid her low!

Rise up, o dead of Ireland!

And rouse her living men,

The chance will come to us at last

To win our own again,

To sweep the English enemy

From hill and glen and bay,

And in your name, O Holy Dead,

Our sacred debt to pay!



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