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Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand

"Rights are moral principles which define and protect a man's freedom of action,
but impose no obligation on other men."

The Ayn Rand Institute
Institute for Objectivist Studies
Objectivism ~ The Philosophy of Ayn Rand
Objectivism and Ayn Rand
The Ayn Rand Society
Rational Essays and Speeches
Applied Objectivism
Objectivist Ring

"Rights are conditions of existence required by man's nature for his proper survival.
If man is to live on earth, it is right for him to use his mind,
it is right to act on his own free judgment,
it is right to work for his values and to keep the product of his work."

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Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Albert Einstein Online
Richard Feynman Online
Stephen Hawking
Isaac Newton
Blaise Pascal
The Dr. Carl Sagan Honorary Site

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Alvin Toffler: The Third Wave

Shock Wave (Anti) Warrior an Interview with Alvin Toffler
Alvin Toffler and the Third Wave by Michael Finley
Alvin Toffler: still shocking after all these years
Microtimes: A Return Visit with Alvin Toffler by Mary Eisenhart

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The Perspectives of Nietzsche
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On Matters of Grave Concern
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To the mosquitos... from Ritual de lo Habitual


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