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1. The Alamance Minutemen and their "Spirit of '76" computer bulletin board, operated by the group's leader, Jeff Rudd of Alamance County.

2. Citizens for the Reinstatement of Constitutional Government.

What the gun control lobby doesn't want you to know by Dr. Michael S. Brown

On the Right to Keep and Bear Arms by Walter Williams

Guns in America: Another View - Balance in the Media.

The Noble Uses of Firearms - by Alan Korwin

What Our Founding Fathers REALLY Said About Guns

The list of Murder by Government in this century alone

Here is a page with the greatest Documents in support of the Second Amendment

Mothers who care should pack heat - World Net Daily

Get the TRUTH about firearms and defense of your family at Facts on Firearms, gun violence and Rosie O'Donnell's proposal to imprison lawful citizens

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Contains software and links related to American History and the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and other great historical documents.

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My thoughts on crime and punishment, education, the disregard for the Constitution that has occurred in the U.S.A., social-ist security, personal responsibility, ... , and some good financial links (take responsibility for YOUR OWN financial future) ...

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Spirit of '76
FIGHT BACK for the Constitution Page

Are you tired of the radical left liberals spreading lies and other deceptions in order to pass onerous new laws, taxes, and "Social Programs" that infringe on our FREEDOM? Are you tired of people who violate the Constitution to create and perpetuate BIG GOVERNMENT? Are you tired of "Political Correctness", "Hate Crimes", etc... ?

The only way those who want CONTROL and the naive 'sheeple' who do their bidding can implement whatever plans they may have for us, our country, and the world is for them to (1) control speech (which they're doing by intimidation), and (2) control weapons (which they're doing - illegally - by infringing on our right to self-defense). They want the monopoly on force. That's why think think firearms are only OK for the police and the military - which they hope to control.

How would you like to fight back? Don't believe for a second that we can't. Do you remember what happened to Rosie O'Donnel and K-Mart? How about CitiCorp and their "sudden change of policy"? Whether YOU participated or not, understand that these results were due to the ACTIONS of people like US.

Visit my Spirit of '76 FIGHT BACK for the Constitution Page, and be sure to read the information below about the NRA Foundation, NRA Credit Cards, Gunowners Foundation, and changing your Telephone Long Distance company.

The NRA Foundation

The NRA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity established to support research, education, community service, and public safety programs of the National Rifle Association of America, law enforcement agencies, and community-based service organizations.

To make a contribution to The NRA Foundation, whether it be through NRA's Major Donor Programs, FAIR$HARE, NRA Countertop Round-Up, NRA Round-Up, Combined Federal Campaign, Corporate and Foundation Giving, United Way, or the Heritage Society, please contact:


(press two when instructed)
OR go to their website :

NRA Foundation

Contact the NRA Foundation via e-mail

- contributions qualify for Federal Income TTax deductions

The NRA Foundation Combined Federal Campaign #1390

The Gun Owners Foundation


In many federal offices there are subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) pressures to give to the Combined Federal Campaign. Your boss may think his prestige depends upon getting everyone to kick in. The same thing happens in all too many corporations during the United Way fund-raising drive.

You may have wanted to give but couldn't find a group that wasn't attacking your rights, let alone defending them, on the list of participating organizations. But that has all changed!

Federal employees now are able to designate Gun Owners Foundation as the recipient of their gifts to the Combined Federal Campaign. Use Agency Number 1054 for Gun Owners Foundation when you make your Combined Federal Campaign pledge or donation. Your gifts will go toward helping our legal assistance program protect the Second Amendment rights of Americans across the nation.

Also, if you work for a company that participates in the United Way, you too, may be able to designate that your gift be sent to Gun Owners Foundation. Many local United Way Campaigns allow Gun Owners Foundation to participate through their Donor Choice Programs. Some, however, do not. Check with your local United Way Agency. You will not only be helping people and protecting your rights, but you will also get a tax deduction.

Of course, anyone can always make a tax-deductible donation at any time to Gun Owners Foundation by sending the contribution directly to 8001 Forbes Place, Suite 102, Springfield, VA 22151.

One additional note. If you are employed by a corporation or organization which has a Matching Gift Program, please keep GOF in mind when making your donation. Thank you very much.

NRA Credit Card

If you would like to help the NRA financially with no cost to yourself, you should consider the NRA Credit Card Program as an alternative to your present credit card. To apply for this card, which benefits the NRA financially every time you use it, please call (800) 321-9416, or you can apply on-line by going to http://www.nrahq.org/, then the site called GIVE/JOIN/HELP, and then selecting Member Benefits & Special Offers.

LifeLine Long Distance

Sprint, MCI, AT&T (donated $3 million to the anti-gun "Coalition For Americaís Children", and have also donated thousands of dollars to a number of anti-gun politicians; every election since 1990), and Bell Atlantic-DC are all ANTI-gun companies. I think there are more BIG companies in the long-distance business that are, too - but I have no confirmation - so I will not say anything just yet. If anyone knows of others, please e-mail them to me.

No matter what long distance company you use, YOUR MONEY will be at work in the Bill of Rights debate. The question you must answer for yourself is, "On which side of the debate will your money be used?" It's up to you.

I switched my long distance service to LifeLine (http://www.lifeline.net/). They're part of AmeriVision Communications. 10% of my monthly long distance bill goes to GOA, per my request. You can designate one of a number of conservative organizations, I believe, to receive money. They are competitively priced (4%-8% under AT&T's standard tariff rates) - not the lowest, I'm sure - but I don't care. I'd rather pay a little more to a PRO company than less to a FREEDOM-SNATCHING one that will use my own money to subvert the USA. To support the Bill of Rights, switch to LifeLine - call 1-800-311-2811.

Marathon USA Long Distance

Here's another company that deserves your business. As I said above, I switched my long distance service to LifeLine - but that was before I ever heard of Marathon USA (http://www.marathoncom.com/makeacallforfreedom.html). For Make a Call For Freedom and inquiries, please call 1-888-857-5070.

Marathon USA services two market segments: the pro-gun / pro-hunting community and the general population of small businesses nationwide. SPREAD THE WORD about Marathon USA to your hunting and shooting partners. Marathon USA donates 15% of your long distance bill to the pro-gun organization of your choice at no extra cost to you! Ask your local gun store or sporting goods store why they arenít on Marathon USA? Spread the word, the 15% donation to the pro-gun and pro-hunting organizations is growing and growing each passing month. They are getting stronger but need the support and commitment of the entire pro-gun (freedom) movement!

For more information on the AT&T subversion donation(s), the Pro-gun movement, Marathon USA, or the Make a Call For Freedom plan - call 1-888-857-5070.

Here's a brand new Internet Service Provider (ISP) I came across while reading one of my shooting / hunting magazines: OutDoors Unlimited Internet Service. Unlike AOL, OutDoors Unlimited (1.877.922.4868) is 2nd Amendment friendly. I don't use them ... yet ... but anybody with the guts to fight the gun snatchers and the Politically Correct crowd by openly supporting the U.S. Constitution is worth considering.

If you have any questions or comments about these pages, e-mail me. I would love to hear from you !

Last Updated : 20 July 2005

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