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* BEST DIRECT DEMOCRACY ORGANIZATIONS:Le organizzazioni "sorelle" della ADD

CDD - Canadians for Direct Democracy - Our aim is to improve the democratic process in Canada through a system of citizen-initiated binding referendums whereby voters can directly amend, introduce and remove policies and laws.

CIR - Citizen Initiated Referendums - (or Direct Democracy). Many Australians are aware of the shortcomings in our present political system, but few know that Citizen Initiated Referendums (CIR) can be used to give...

Deliberative Democracy - Deliberative Democracy is founded on our belief that citizens care enough and are smart enough to participate meaningfully in the deliberative process of making public policy. We also believe that as citizens choose policy options they're willing to accept, they develop the political will to make needed changes.

Democracy in Action -
- in local, national and other governing systems, to promote improved involvement of people in decision-making and in steering agreed policy
- to collect information about theories of political behaviour, participation and democracy
- to collect information about the practice of democratic systems in different countries, firstly some established western-style democracies.

Government By the People (the Voting By Phone Foundation) - "Let's govern ourselves! The Swiss Do! Soon, voters in Ontario, Canada! Perhaps soon, voters in Mexico! In the U.S. we already have the basic tools to share the power, if we use them together: the Initiative laws (which allow citizens to propose and vote on legislation) now in effect in 24 U.S. states and voting by telephone - successfully tested by our associate Dr. Vincent Campbell for the National Science Foundation in 1974.

Kybernet - (Peru) - Kybernet es un proyecto de la asociación Kybernesis, la cual busca promover la democracia a través de una mayor participación ciudadana en las decisiones de gobierno municipal.

MDD - (Czech Republic) Movement for Direct Democracy

TAN+N - Teledemocracy Action News and Network - Organization that makes the promotion of the Global Democracy Movement. It's also the site of the electronic magazine "Citizen Power". Some similar organizations are also present on the site.

* ON-LINE DEMOCRACY RESOURCES AND TEXTS: - Risorse e testi in rete per la democrazia.

Centre d'études et de documentation sur la démocratie directe - Swiss site on the legislative aspects of direct democracy. Most information is on Switzerland right now, but gradually covering more countries. In french, english, german and italian, but most texts are in one langage only.

Decision Maker/Teledemocracy [Marcel Bullinga] - -Netherlands - A mindset for Net-debates, teledemocracyÊ & open governent, based on privacy and equal informationstart. It was tested november 1996 in the Provence of Noord-Brabant (Holland) and was therefore one of the first Net-debates with a political impact.

Community Networks: Bibliography and Resource Guide - "This resource guide contains an annotated list of both on-line and print resources on the subject of community networks. It provides researchers with a variety of background reading on the subjects, especially scholarly papers and articles. It provides practitioners pointers to model sites, evaluations, and how-to guides." Very large and complete anche se centrato sulle comunita' in generale.

DEMOCR@CY - WWWBoard and mailinglist -an experimental electronic conference on democracy and the internet

Democracy Design Forum - The Democracy Design Forum is a consultancy on problems of democracy, especially concerning the electoral system. Research is being carried out on new designs of electoral system, with the objective of achieving more stable and responsive government, especially in situations of ethnic division in the electorate.

Democracy and Internet Workgroup - The Democracy and Internet Workgroup is an informal group created by interested members of University of Pennsylania to explore the possibilities of the Internet to further civic involvment. We see any attempt of explorations of the politiical possibilities of the Internet as necesarily involving issues of access.

Democrazia at Internet Può un accesso telematico universale rendere più democratica la società? Studi ed esperimenti di democrazia diretta attraverso la Rete ...

Democracies Online Newswire - An extensive and professional Minneapolis site - "Promoting the development and sustainability of online civic participation and democracy efforts around the world through experience, outreach, and education"

Direct Democracy In Argentina - Margarita Molteni Full Report (20.6 kb)

Direct Democracy in Columbia - Martin Krause Full Report (19kb)

Direct Democracy Pages - These pages aim at providing information on the various direct democracy systems and fueling the debate concerning their utilization.

Electronic Voting Hot List [Lorrie Cranor] - This page contains a list of links to Internet sites with electronic-voting related information. It is intended as a resource list for those doing research on electronic voting and those interested in implementing electronic voting systems. When I first started compiling this list I included only links related to electronic voting over public computer networks. However, I have since added links to a variety of related issues.

Electronic Democracy Research Project - Korea Welcome to the Electronic Democracy Forum. We are currently conducting research on electronic democracy. This forum is a way for us to exchange openly information and opinions on electronic democracy in an informal manner. There is quite a bit of electronic democracy activities going on in Korea and we'll try to keep you posted, and we would like to know more on activities in your country(ies)

Electronic Democracy Resources [Suzanne L. Bertin] - This web site is intended to provide links to online sources of information relating to electronic democracy as well as to serve as a repository for my own research on the topic.

Electronic Voting - Summary: World-Wide E-Democracy Projects Page - a list of projects from around the world which promote tele-democracy. GASP

The GroupLens

GOVNEWS - The International Govnews Project seeks to stimulate electronic access to public government information and electronic "open democracy" by establishing the framework for a dedicated government hierarchy on the Internet's Usenet news service where needed public information can be easily made available and discussed.

HRC Hypermedia Research Centre - These articles are our contribution towards the rigorous theoretical analysis of digital convergence and cyber-culture.

Integrating Direct Democracy with the Australian Political System Motivation - Many people have been complaining that democracy is weak in Australia. The political parties instigate legislation and control the parliamentary voting process. Lower ...

Integral studies [Michael Macpherson] - Psycho-Social and Medical Research (PSAMRA) An illustrative initiative of the integral studies project may be viewed: citizen, society, polity writing and reports (some in French, German and Spanish - einiges auf Deutsch)

Intervento di Claudio Albertani e di Paolo Ranieri per il tavolo II Intergalattico. - A differenza di incontri e consultazioni, l'organizzazione in forma di rete non ? uno specifico strumento zapatista, ma ? il naturale sviluppo di un modello sociale praticato nei secoli dagli uomini liberi di tutti i continenti e dai rivoluzionari di tutti i tempi: la democrazia diretta. Questa si articola storicamente in una trama di assemblee sovrane cui si parteci...

The Loka Institute - The Loka Institute is a non-profit research and advocacy organization concerned with the social, political, and environmental repercussions of science and technology. You can find informations on Citizens' Panel -a democratic procedure that allows true citizen participation in policy decisions around complex and often controversial issues in science and technology.

Minnesota E-Democracy Project - Minnesota E-Democracy is a non-partisan citizen-based project, whose mission is to improve participation in democracy in Minnesota through the use of information networks.

MIT's Political Participation Project [Mark s Bonchek] - "From Broadcast to Netcast: The Internet and the Flow of Political Information". "The Internet and Retail Politics" ."It's About Community, Stupid!". "Grassroots in Cyberspace: Recruiting Members on the Internet"

New Democracy -[Donald Davison] - Pages on political reform. Includes a case study on the oregon constitutional initiative. New Democracy is a source of study material for political change - changes that will result in better government. This is not about new faces and more government programs. Those are not real changes but more of the same old politics. This is about the number one issue - changing the system so that We The People have more control of our governments. There is no reason we cannot have positive changes in our political systems.

New Democracy; apolitical governance [Georges Sagi] - New theories, and help to implement real, radical, improvements through peaceful transformations. Also pages of movement Apolitical Association (APA).

Progetto Italia Federale [Francesco Paolo Forti] - Documenti di studio su un federalismo possibile. Per l'Italia delle 100 Cittˆ. -

[Scott London] - Essays on electronic democracy

VOTING/DEMOCRACY - Best Direct Democracy & Electronic Democracy . Welcome to the World Citizen Web

Vulnerability of Computerized Vote-Counting Systems - The use of voting machines and computerized ballot-counting has grown enormously over the past two decades. Despite gains in popularity, the use of computers in elections has made many computer security experts uneasy about the potential for massive errors and fraud. This study examines historical incidents of computer fraud, government guidelines and legislation, as well as inherent risks of increased dependence on computers in elections. Finally, we present our own recommendations for the future.

Werkgroep Implementatie Tijdsgeest: burgerbeweging voor directe democratie - Direct democracy in Belgium. In Dutch. A partial translation in English exists at Direct democracy / FAQ. - - Includes basic D.D. definitions and objections.

* ON-LINE DEMOCRACY PROJECTS: - Progetti di democrazia in rete

La città invisibile - Un associazione che porta in rete i temi della democrazia gestita anche telematicamente ma secondo i criteri della democrazia rappresentativa.

Les Cybercrates - (Belgium) - Les Cybercrates sont tous les visiteurs de ce site : vous en êtes donc un ! Ils forment une association spontanée où chacun contribue aux objectifs suivants : suivre et analyser les décisions prises à la Chambre des Députés; aider chaque Cybercrate à choisir le parti et les représentants qui le représentent le mieux; participer aux actions de pressions citoyennes auprès des Députés et de la Chambre; rendre la démocratie plus participative en encourageant toute personne à participer à la vie politique, par exemple sur Internet. Les moyens mis en oeuvre sont en ligne avec cette recherche de démocratie participative : les nombreux forums permettent à chacun de participer au site, et de l'enrichir au bénéfice de tous.

Web Vote Project - An electronic voting system called WebVote on a part-time basis. It is still rather rudimentary at the moment, but gives you a good feeling of what might be expected, once it is a full-blown application.

The Vote Smart Web Page - (USA) - Project Vote Smart is a useful guide for sorting out the vast realms of political information available on the World Wide Web. The information ranges from congressional voting records to political humor. It is a helpful directory for all sorts of political information.

VoteLink - It lets Net users vote every week on world, USA, state and local issues. The votes are tabulated and published at the end of each week.

* DEMOCRACY ON THE NET: - Supporti in rete alla democrazia

ALCEI - Electronic Frontiers Italy

California Voters Foundation - The California Voters Foundation is dedicated to shaping a more informed and engaged electorate by emphasizing the use of new technologies.

Causacomune - (Italia) Causa Comune e' una associazione "non-profit" per lo sviluppo di cause civiche di interesse comune a tutti i cittadini. "Senza parteggiare per alcun partito politico o ideologia, ci riserviamo tuttavia il dovere di appoggiare e sostenere movimenti che promuovono l'esercizio di una vera democrazia, ed intendiamo anche occuparci di argomenti politici che toccano la vita democratica dei semplici cittadini. Il nostro progetto mira ad ottenere una democrazia diretta e partecipativa da parte di tutti i cittadini che intendono contribuire il valore delle proprie convinzioni democratiche ad un miglioramento del tessuto civile del paese".

CDT- Center for Democracy and Technology - The Center For Democracy and Technology is a non-profit public interest organization based in Washington, DC. CDT works to develop and advocate public policies that advance constitutional civil liberties and democratic values in new computer and communications technologies.

CED - The Center for the Evolution of Democracy - Established in 1994 as a non profit Public Benefit Corporation, The Center is dedicated to the task of making new ideas and information available for the purpose of democratizing undemocratic systems and for improving democratic processes that are still only partially realized.

Charter88 (UK) Charter88 is the independent campaign for a modern and fair democracy in the UK. This site contains essential information on matters relating to constitutional reform in the UK. Charter88 began in 1988 as a protest to challenge establishment complacency about the health of our democracy. Charter88 invites you to begin the process of reclaiming our democracy.

Charter for Rights

DemocracyNet - The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is a private, nonprofit, grant-making organization created in 1983 to strengthen democratic institutions around the world. Through its International Forum for Democratic Studies (Forum), it also conducts analysis of the theory and practice of democratic development worldwide and serves as a clearinghouse for information on that development. DemocracyNet is designed to connect democracy activists, scholars and others working to promote democracy around the world.

La rete FreakNet - Una delle reti amatoriali italiana con aree dedicate alla democrazia diretta. E' raggiungibile in gateway al server

"Have Your Say" - UK Citizens Online Democracy are currently running a web site providing an online consultation process for the UK government.
The web site entitled "Have Your Say" is about the Freedom of Information White Paper proposals put forward by the government in December '97. The consultation process is the first time the UK government has used this type of mechanism to allow submissions and discussion in the process of forming legislation.

Mehr Demokratie e.V - (Federal Republic of Germany) - Politische Entscheidungen sollen nicht am Willen der Bevölkerung vorbeigehen. Deshalb setzen wir uns dafür ein, da§ die Menschen in Deutschland in wichtigen Sachfragen selbst entscheiden können. Wir arbeiten für das Recht auf Volksentscheid im Bund, in den Ländern und den Gemeinden und für ein demokratisches Europa. Jetzt kämpfen wir für den bundesweiten Volksentscheid.

All Things Political Homepage - This page contains useful and original pages on to political information. This site lets you search the Internet for key words, and you can search the Congressional Record and Bills, also content links to political usenet groups.

UKCOD - (Britain)- This is Britain's first national online democracy information and discussion service. It is an experiment which will evolve over the coming months to find out whether people can use online electronic communication to become better informed about and discuss the complex issues that affect their lives. We hope it will become a place to make things happen - a powerful new interface between the public and politicians, both locally and in the Palace of Westminster.

VECAM - (France )- L'association VECAM a pour objectif une appropriation sociale et citoyenne des nouvelles technologies de l'information et de la communication (NTIC).

BLOG sulla democrazia diretta - Discussioni e opinioni di democratici diretti.

Wikicrazia - Blog di Democrazia diretta Bel blog del mio amico Stefano :-))

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