MUHAMMAD HAJI GANI GROUP OF COMPANIES was formed in 1927 as a sole proprietorship by the late MUHAMMAD HAJI GANI in Bantva, Kathiawar, India. After the 1947 partition, he moved his family to Karachi where the Head Offices are now located. The group is a 100% family-owned venture run by the family of LATE MR A. AZIZ H. OMER BALAGAMWALA. His widow ZUBEDA BAI is now the Chairperson. Her five sons look after the various aspects of the business. They are all highly educated from well-known universities in USA. MAJYD AZIZ is the President of the Group, heads the Apparel Division, and is also responsible for the Group’s Human Resources Management, Advertising, and Public Relations. RAFIQ AZIZ looks after the Textile Processing and Procurements. ANWER AZIZ is Incharge of Weaving, Yarn, Marketing of Fabrics and Yarn, and all Technical matters. ASIF AZIZ is the Finance Director and takes care of the Imports, Tenders, Institutional Sales, and Investments. NAJIB AZIZ is head of the family’s interests in Shipping, Cargo-handling, Chandling, Chartering, etc. One grandson, OMAR NAJIB, is incharge of the Commodities Division while the other grandson, TAYYAB RAFIQ, is incharge of the New Projects Division. They have an excellent reputation in the market for devotion to business and for excellence in workmanship.

The MHG Group companies are:

IQBAL  SILK  MILLS  (PVT)  LTD: This was purchased in 1962. It is a fully integrated specialized textile fabrics plant with a modern weaving division, a consolidated dye-house, and a coordinated yarn preparatory system facility. This company produces top-grade suitings and shirtings fabric. It has pioneered and introduced polyester fabrics in Pakistan. It has also introduced polyester printing, shuttleless weaving machines, and state-of-the-art fancy twisting machines in Pakistan. It has to its credit the innovation of fabrics made of top-dyed yarn, printed yarn, cationic yarn, and a host of other firsts. It is a major source of fabric supplier to over 80 % of the domestic manufacturers for the local men’s apparel market. It supplies/supplied to PIA, Pakistan Steel, Pak Suzuki, Muslim Commercial Bank, Habib Bank, National Bank, Hinopak, SITE Ltd, Javedan Cement, Shaheen Airport Services, Karachi Public School, Marri Gas, Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force, ASF, and many other institutions. The plant is situated on a prime plot of 3.5 acres in SITE, Karachi.

MUHAMMAD  HAJI  GANI  (PVT)  LTD: This comprehensive weaving factory located in SITE, Karachi, consists of shuttleless and automatic shuttle-change weaving machines. It produces greige suiting and shirting fabrics. An export-based project for value-added greige fabrics is being set up in this unit. The machinery is expected in January 2001 while the construction is in process.

AMIR SILK MILLS: This weaving plant based in SITE, Karachi, on 0.75 acres, is at present inoperative. The premises have been leased out to a sister concern.

DELTA  TEXTILE  MILLS  LTD: This textile spinning unit, manufacturing specialized yarn on the worsted spinning process project, is in the feasibility stages.

STAROMER  CORPORATION: This trading company deals in textiles and yarn. The offices and warehouses are located at vantage spots in the influential Karachi Cloth Market.

JAGUAR  INDUSTRIES: This is another trading company that deals in commodities, machinery, transportation, textiles, etc. It actively participates in various tenders, especially in wheat, rice, rapeseed, steel, fertilizers, etc. The office is situated at A / 25, KDA Scheme 1, Karachi.

SEATRADE (PVT) LTD: This company is engaged in shipping, ship chartering, ship management, terminal operations, agency, and other related fields. It represents more than 20 American companies, and companies in Bangladesh, South Korea, South Africa, and Europe.

INTERNATIONAL CARGO HANDLING CO (PVT) LTD:  This is one of the largest companies doing terminal handling at the Karachi Port and Port Qasim, and mostly handling bulk cargo.

MARINE CHANDLERS:  This company is actively engaged in stevedoring, chandling, and in the transportation of goods from the seaports to locations inland.

DELTA  APPAREL  (PVT)  LTD:  Established in 1983 in SITE, Karachi, on an area of over 25,000 square feet. It was set up primarily to utilize the products of ISML and to cater to the domestic garments sector. It has to its credit the introduction of ready-to-wear Dress Suits and Sherwanis in Pakistan. It is the largest manufacturer of Men’s and Boy’s Dress Suits. At this moment of time, its products are sold in nearly 100 stores all over the country under the brand name HUSTLER, a name that epitomizes excellence in quality. The company also markets apparel under labels such as DARK HORSE, CARDINAL, UNCLE MIKE’S, JAYCEES, ANYWAY, and JUST US, etc. DAL has three retail outlets under the name VARSATO (in SITE Karachi),  WEAVE ‘N’ WEAR (in CSD Karachi), and SANI'S (in Hotel Pearl Continental, Karachi), where the products of ISML, DAL, and JI are exclusively sold. It is setting up three more retail outlets in Karachi. It is well set to execute orders, especially for Dress Suits, Jackets, Trousers, etc. It is now exporting Dress Suits and Trousers. It is the only domestic garment company to have state-of-the-art specialized machinery for the manufacture of Dress Suits. It produces the following:

Dress Suits, Blazers, Jackets, Sherwanis, Safaris, Trousers, Waist Coats, and Jawahar-Coats.

Dresses, Coats, Trousers.

Dress Suits, Safari Suits, Jackets, Trousers, Shorts, and Waist Coats.

Khaki Uniforms for the valiant forces of the Pakistan Army. (First and only local non-Army company to make ready-to-wear uniforms for Officers. These are sold at the Army-run CSD Stores). Also negotiating to produce ready-to-wear uniforms for the Pakistan Air Force. Have produced Snow Suits for the Pakistan Army for their Siachen operations. Suppliers of uniforms for Bhoja Air, Berger Paints, Pak Suzuki, KFC, Goldfish Pencils, Sindh Governor House, Shaheen Airport Services, Habib Bank Ltd, Universal Chemicals Ltd, Muslim Gymkhana, SFS Sons Ltd, Hinopak Ltd, Dewan Farooq Motors Ltd, etc. Have also exported intermittently to USA, Canada, Germany, Russia, and UAE. Also developed Jackets for Pakistan Army and PIA. Registered with Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, Ministry of Industries (Investment Promotion and Supplies), PIA, and Bhoja Air. Registration is under process with Civil Aviation Administration, Defense Production Dept., Shell Ltd, National Refinery Ltd, etc. It also supplies uniforms and apparel thru its sister concern RALEIGH INDUSTRIES.

MHG GROUP OF COMPANIES directors are also active in many trade bodies and associations, etc. MAJYD AZIZ is the Ex-Chairman of SITE Association of Industry, the largest industrial town association, and has been a member of the Managing Committees of KCCI, PRGMEA, PCFA, APTPMA, etc. He is also on the Managing Committee of Employers’ Federation of Pakistan, Trustee of EOBI, Chairman of SITE Child Labor Bureau, Secretary-General of PAKISTAN-JAPAN BUSINESS FORUM, and Ex-Director of KESC Ltd and SITE Ltd. RAFIQ AZIZ is the Past Vice Chairman of APTEXPROMA while ANWER AZIZ is on the M/C of PSRMA and is the Convenor of Suiting Manufacturers Of Pakistan. ASIF AZIZ is the Past Central Chairman of PSRMA and is on the M/C of PYMA and KCCI.

MHG GROUP OF COMPANIES is a positive and progressive group and is geared for more industrial and trading activities in the future.
                                                                                                            May 21, 2004