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WARNING: This page is way out of date, and seeing how I am a senior in an engineering major.... I have little time to update it.. so bear with it.. thanks!
The Bands I love, hopefully you will too:
This is perhaps my favorite band out there. This ska-funk-rasta-punk band. originally from Omaha,Nebraska, is one of the most diverse and talented bands out there today. Now I know alot of people out there are feeling all proud because they heard them on MTV. But there best stuff is there older stuff. Their first released album, Music, is my personal favorite. It combines a little of everything to keep you groovin and chillin for a long time. Their second album, Grassroots, takes over right where Music leaves off. Their third, self titled 311, is an album based on the band and what they stand for. Their most recent release, Transistor, features alot of samples and synth sounds. I had the pleasure of seeing them live in Asbury Park,NJ (twice) and also at Penn State. They had to be the best shows I have ever seen. So for those of you out there unfamiliar, check them out. You may find a band that you love, like I did.
311 Home Page
Hydroponic Scene
311 Page
Here's some sound clips to check out:
Do You Right off of Music
Omaha Stylee off of Grassroots
All Mixed Up off of 311
2.Sugar Ray
Sugar Ray is an up and coming band from Los Angeles. A cross between Helmet,311,Beasties,and Rage, these four guys can get you fired up. They currently have two albums out, Lemonade and Brownies and Floored. I had the chance to see these guys in concert here at Penn State(twice) and they absolutely teared the stage up. They got a crowd, that was sitting down to two other acts, to get up and go crazy. I actually was in the front and got a chance to sing with the lead singer. I convinced my friends to go and now they love the band. Unfortunately there is only one web site about them, that I know about. If anybody has any cool info or links, let me know!
Sugar Ray Home Page
Here's some sound samples to check out:
Ryhme Stealer
Mean Machine
Helmet is a borderline hardcore band with alot of energy. They are probably the tightest playing "heavy" band I know. They currently have four main albums out, with one due to be released on September 24th. Their five albums, in order of release, are Strap it On, Meantime, Betty, Born Annoying (a compilation of early tracks and b-sides), and Aftertaste. I honestly don't know too much about this band besides that I love their music. So Check out these cool sites,sounds, and pics.
Strap it on Home Page
Helmet Discography
Helmet Home Page

This is my most favorite female singer ever. Ever since I heard her voice in the Sugarcubes, I was hooked. Now I am pleased to say that I have quite a nice collection of her stuff. Bjork's full name is actually Bjork Gudmundsdottir. Alot of people know her Human Behavior, the wacky video with the giant stuffed bear. I could sit here all day and rattle on about her, but I'll let you decide what ya think. So here is some of the best stuff out there.

Here's some links and goodies to check out:
Negumi's Bjork Page
Bjork Web Sense
5.Beastie Boys

One of the phattest bands out there. These guys from New York have come a long way from Licensed to Ill.. With many numerous albums out there ranging from hardcore to rap to instrumental funk, they can do just about anything. Their most recent album, "The In Sound from Way Out", features instrumental songs from other albums as well as new cuts. My personal favorite B-boys album, is a toss up between "Check your Head" and "Paul's Boutique". I had trouble finding alot of info on the net..What a shame, but here's what I new album in July!!!

Here's some links and stuff:
Beasties Home Page
Grand Royal Page
B-boys Page
Beastie Bites
My Buddy Shaible's Beastie Page

SKA!!!! Music

Ska is a type of music I have gotten to in the past 2 years. It's really upbeat and always puts a smile on my face. I first really got ino it after buying the Bob Marley box set to feed my Marley desire. After hearing some older stuff by him from the 60's, I wanted to sheck out some ska bands now. I went to a Ska Fest they hold every year at PSU here, and had the time of my life. Many of the bands listed below played there. Make sure you check some of these links out and find out what Ska is all about.

Wally's List of Ska Links
Mephiskapheles Official Site
The Unofficial Slackers Page
The Aquabats
Voodoo Glow Skulls Page
Operation Ivy
One Hell of a Ska Page
Ska Town USA
Ska all over the Web
Ska WebRing

House Music

Music to get your groove on..

Everyone is always asking me what house music is all about. Well it's a style of music all it's own.
Alot of people tend to confuse techno with house, but there are differences. House is a form of music which combines hard beats with varieties of styles from tribal, to trance, to techno, to just about
anything. I really couldn't explain it in to much detail so I'll leave you with this link on the history of house. I just know that I have fallen in love with the vibe and feeling it has given me.
Hope you will too. By the way I am Djing at the campus station here at Penn State University
Link to House page
List of Links to Other Bands I Like
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