Time for me to update this...starting now!! 1/18/00....

Fun & Games Links!!!!!!!!

indicates one of my favorites !!!

Hollywood Stock Exchange

Great,Free Email!!!

A Weird Page About Cats (make your own opinions)

It makes all web pages BACKWARDS!!!

RAGE Games-An Awesome collection of video game reviews and more!!!

World Trip, 2 Guys Traveling the World (It's Gonna be BIG)

The Lemonade Stand Game

He-man in his best adventure yet!!

Bert from Seasame Street is EVIL!!!

A new Game from the creator of the Lemonade Stand game

Alamak's Chat (The Best Out there)

The Apple Corps Game

Anonymous Email Sender (Can be LOTS of FUN!)

The Rotten Page

Makes some nifty signs for special times

Stomp the Chicken

Are you ready to CyberHunt

Another Searching Game---The Hunt!!! One of my favotites--Stubbed Toe!!!!

The Ultimates 80's Trivia

The Simpsons Trivia Castle

A Maze Page

Blueberry Games

See if the Oz and Pink Floyd are in Scync!!

Stories about the dumbest criminals

A pretty little fish tank

Who hasn't been in a movie who's been in a movie who's been in a movie (and etc.)with Kevin Bacon

A page about Exploding whales_BOOM!!!

Buy from this place...I bet you dont have 1....yet!!

Don't you LOVE to pop those bubbles that come in shipping boxes???

So How long are you gonna live,they know !!!!!

The Riddler-you play games and can win prizes.

Web-A-Sketch (The Etch-A-Sketch meets the Web)

Hunt the Wumpus (A Choose your adventure game)

Lite-Bright Fun

The Virtual Dartboard (Let out your tension on 2 mascots of EVIL)

A Doggie FreakShow

A Bob Dole Mad Lib

A Nifty Little Beavis and Butthead Page

The Barking Spider (A good source for email lists!)

This Page even has a Belching Contest,so it must be COOL!!!!

The Ol' Mighty 8 Ball!!!!

Dilbert Mania!!!!

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