Welcome to my online abode.   
Follow the links below to find out more about me, my career, and what I like to do for fun.   

Speech Language Pathology    
This is my chosen career.  To find out more about my program at the University of Western Ontario or about speech language pathology in general, check this out.   

This was on my 'list of things to do before I die' for the longest time.  It's crossed out now.  Find out all about it here.   

Tinks Online    
I've been called Tink for a long time.  So have a lot of other people.  Find the Tink you've been looking for here.   

About Me    
Perhaps you'd like to know what my favorite places on the web are, or what I look like.  Maybe you're curious about my hobbies, or you'd like to know who my friends online are.  You'll find everything I want you to know right here.  

Here you'll find links to my wedding pictures, IVCF, and other stuff I'm interested in. Even some fun stuff!