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This is the city of Kharkiv.

Kharkiv, Ukraine, East Europe.

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So you're reading the home page of a Ukrainian student. My name is Sergei N. Sinilo. I'm a student of the Kharkiv's Institute of Culture. I live in Ukraine , if you know such country. If not- well, see this page and you'll get to know a lot of facts about this country.

- Some facts about me, my life, family, studies , hobby and many other things.

-There you will find some news about Ukraine, her life, a few important links, information about Ukrainian servers. If you want to find some Ukrainian institution or organization - there are links to some inquiry servers, in Ukraine and abroad.

- There you'll find the information about other my pages. There're some stories and other from my friends. Enter, and you'll see many interesting . I promise!


- In spring 1998 I'll finish my studing. My future profession is historian - the worker of museum and I look for the job now. Have you any?

You are going to make business in Ukraine? Or, maybe you want to get to know more about business opportunities ? See this page! There you'll find some facts about all of this.

Start listening to the music of my country.

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- If you interest in this my page and want to contact with my - then, write to me!
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