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Here's The Fam!


This is my loving family out in Indiana last spring.

From left to right: Mom, Patty, Me, John and his wife, Sarah.

There will be more photos soon, soon as I find some and get them scanned.

My family is pretty big, 2 parents, 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Oh, and my cat. Ben. So that's a pretty large family. However, I'm the *baby*. This means that I was born at least eight years after anyone else. My sister Patty is the closest in age to me. So, once I got into junior high, there weren't too many siblings around and I pretty much had the whole house to myself. :) Hard life, huh? Yeah, well someone had to live it. My family is originally from the midwest. Michigan to be exact. They moved out to California in the early '70s when my dad got transferred through IBM. Then I was born. :) So, I'm a California girl with Midwestern blood. Strange combination if you ask me.

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