Human Time Line

List of Sentient Beings of Earth Origin

from the year zero until 5 billion AD.

Specie Notes

Homo Sapiens Achieved faster than warp speed space travel.
Founding member of United Federation of Planets.
Spread out to much of the Milky Way Galaxy.
Eventually becomes an insignificant Ancient race.
The few surviving members of race now live on the planet Fin.

Homo Spiritous Evolved from H. Sapiens in 599 401AD.
Like H. Sapiens, continued as backbone of UFP.
Non-corporeal beings.
Basically spreads to all corners of the M. W. Galaxy.
Many members have reached nearby galaxies exploring the unknown.

Spiritous Sanctus Final evolution of the H. Sapiens/Spiritous group.
Sapien Numbers limited as only a few H. Spiritous evolved into SSS.
Non-corporeal beings.
Incredibly powerful entities capable of great destruction.
Most went Beyond the Vale.

Homo Luminous Second human specie after H. Sapiens.
Twice as intelligent as H. Sapiens.
Holds record for fastest developing species.
Became major partner in UFP.
Evolved into non-corporeal Homo Fontusme

Homo Fontusme Evolved from H. Luminous.
Non-corporeal beings.
Oversaw UFP when H. Spiritous finally left.
Finally leaves UFP to follow in H. Spiritous footsteps.
Many go Beyond the Vale.

Homo Intelligens Third of the human races that began the Trinity Myth(1).
Took over leadership of UFP when H. Luminous evolved.
Kept the UFP together for a further 500 000 years.
Virtually governed half of M.W. Galaxy.
Eventually evolved into Homo Apparitio

Homo Apparitio Continued to lead the UFP until its break-up.
Non-corporeal beings.
Established a new civilisation with other ex-UFP species.
Lead the Community of Planets (COP) for 100 000 years.
Upon break-up of COP, follows in H. Spritous footsteps

Canine Superus First sentient non-human specie to evolve on Earth.
Developed to pre-warp speed space travel.
Established small colony on Mars.
Began nuclear war on Earth against two other species.
Last member of specie died on Mars 180 years after the war.

Hylo Sapiens Second sentient non-human specie to evolve on Earth.
Only a few years behind C. Superus.
Quickly rivaled C. Superus in technology, strength etc.
Established small colony on Mars.
Enemy for C. Superus & target in nuclear war, but fought back.
Last member of specie died on Mars 170 years after the war.

Delphis Mordere Third non-human specie to evolve on Earth.
Ocean based sentient mammal
Not technologically advanced.
Kept to the shoreline & to themselves.
Only communicated with cousin species D. M. Terra.
Last member of specie died on Earth 20 years after the war.

Delphis Mordere Highly intelligent specie evolved from D. Mordere.
Terra Land based sentient mammal.
Nuclear & primitive space travel capable.
No space colonies.
Enemy for C. Superus & target in nuclear war, but fought back.
Specie wiped out due to nuclear war.

Hippocampus First sentient specie to evolve after 250 million years.
Erectus Superus Highly intelligent, nuclear & warp speed capable.
Water breathers.
Discovered life on Europa, albeit very primitive.
Developed colonies on nearby habitable worlds.
Discovered other space civilisations but kept distance.
Existed for 2 million years but died out due to gene contamination.

Raptus Intellectus First sentient & intelligent reptile specie.
Discovered ruins of H. E. Superus & accelerated own development.
Developed warp drive from abandoned H. E. Superus technology.
Lacked wisdom due to accelerated technological development.
Got involved in massive interstellar war that brought destruction.
Last of specie died in Obolong(2) slave camp on Earth.

Canis Sapiens After a long period of 100 million years, new specie evolved.
Highly intelligent, sentient, but very territorial.
Nuclear & primitive space travel capable.
Started nuclear war with neighbouring sentient specie.
Last member of specie died on Earth soon after the war.

Felis Superus Evolved around the same time as C. Sapiens.
Highly intelligent, sentient, but had little regard for territory.
Nuclear & primitive space travel capable.
Enemy to C. Sapiens & target for nuclear war. Fought back.
Last member of specie died on Earth along with C. Sapiens.

Homo Neo-Neanderthal First human sentient specie in close to 5 billion years.
Average intelligence.
Not nuclear or space travel capable.
Eventually died out making way for next human specie.

Homo Pan Intelligibilis Evolved a million years after the first H. N. Neanderthal was born.
Highly intelligent & sentient.
Developed warp drive through their own effort.
Established colonies in nearby solar systems.
Contacted other interstellar species including H. Sapiens(3) on Fin.
Founder & current member of the Union of Planets (UP).

Homo Terra Omega Last sentient specie to evolve on Earth prior to the Glorious Passing.
Developed warp drive through their own effort.
Soon bumped into H. P. Intelligibilis in early space exploration.
Became member of UP & is currently a major leader of the Union.
Forced to leave the Earth before The Sun became a Red Giant.
Oversaw the evacuation of plant & animal specimens from Earth
to special reserves on other Earth-like planets within the UP.
Organised the Europa & Titan Planetary Parks to ensure life goes
on in the Mother Solar System without external interference.

Homo Pan Spiritous Recent evolution of H. P. Intelligibilis.
Non-corporeal beings.
Included about half of H. P. Intelligibilis population.
Most have remained in the UP to oversee its future.
Some have followed in the footsteps of H. Spiritous & the others.
Others went home to say adieu to planet Earth where they were
joined by some H.Sapiens, Spiritous, SSS, Fontusme & Apparitio.

Mother Earth may have past away, but life continues forever...


1) The Trinity Myth involves the Human species H. Sapiens, Luminous & Intelligens (& their Catharsis counterparts). It originated from an ancient Morab prophecy, that foretold of three archangels that would free them from Blurgiss Empire oppression & look over them for eternity. The Myth was later dismissed when H. Sapiens & Allies (Vargary, Lyonies & Drey) freed the Morab during the Liberation War. But when three sentient corporeal Human species were known to exist, some ancient Morab historians revived the Trinity Myth by contributing the three archangels to the these Humans. The Myth soon spread & gained popularity, especially after any crisis where Humans were in the front lines defending the UFP. Most Humans rubbished the Myth & did everything they could to dismiss it. Yet when The Catharsis took place for each Human specie, many UFP citizens became even more convinced in the truth of the Trinity Myth.

2) The Obolong conquest & colonisation of Earth enjoys a short history. Within 50 years of the death of the last Raptus Intellectus, a Human Coalition of H. Spiritous, Fontusme, Apparitio & SSS annihilate all Obolong on Earth. A counter-attack by an Obolong fleet suffers the fate of their Earth occupation/colonial personnel. The Coalition goes on to annihilate the entire Obolong race. The Obolong originated from the planet Inloy.

3) Homo Sapiens on Fin are the oldest living specie known to exist in the real time & space universe. They have become the Ancients of all Ancients at 5 billion years old. Current populations levels are thought to be about 500 million. They withdrew to Fin in self exile approximately 2 billion years prior to the Glorious Passing. H. Sapiens on Fin are the most technologically advanced civilisation known to exist. Life span is thought to be akin to being immortal as medical science has almost conquered death (barring illness or injury). All species, except H. P. Intelligibilis, have left H. Sapiens alone. More often than not, any attempt to approach Fin is usually met with a violent & deadly end.

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