the complete solo compositions, A-H

Credits are in some cases conjectural.
* Unreleased song
# Both unreleased and unavailable on bootleg.
Dates indicate probably year(s) of composistion.

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A Bad Time Soon Forgotten
(Wilson) # 85
Timothy White gives the name of this song in his book "The Nearest Faraway Place." No recording is known to exist.

After the Storm
(Wilson/Usher) # 86-87

A Little Love
(Wilson/Usher) # 86-87

[Alternate title of "Don't Let Her Know She's an Angel."]
White also mentions this title in an anecdote about interviewing Wilson in
1985, which seems to confirm an early 80s date of composistion for the song later cut on Sweet Insanity.

All Over Me
(Wilson/Usher) # 86-87


Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long
(Wilson) 85-87
Brian Wilson. B.M.I. copyright documentation lists Eugene Landy and Alexandra Morgan as co-writers on this song, and a version with different lyrics has been bootlegged.
Released officially on the
Brian Wilson album, 1988.

(Wilson/Landy/Morgan) 86-87
Revised version of Wilson/Usher "Christine." Released as blue flexidisk with the "California Dream" Barbie, and credited to the Beach Boys although it is a solo performance.

Being With the One You Love
(Wilson/Landy/Morgan) 85-87
Revised version of "Doing Time on Planet Earth."

Released officially as the B-Side of the "Melt Away" single, 1988.

Black Widow
(Wilson) * 85
A rough demo with piano, organ, and drum machine exists. Revised as "Let's Do It Again."

Bill Sounds that Way
(Wilson) # 85-87
A dubious title, supported only by BW's fictionalized "autobiography."

The Boogie's Back in Town
(Wilson) * # 76-77
A bootlegged live version dates from 1978. Wilson and Andy Paley re-recorded it during the early 90s.

[Alternate title of "Thank You."]
It's been rumored the original title of
Sweet Insanity was, in fact, Brian.


(Wilson/Usher) # 86-87

Carl and Gina
(Wilson) # 87
Written and performed by Brian for Carl and Gina Wilson's 1987 wedding.

Chain Reaction of Love
(Wilson/Paley) * 92-95

Child, Adult, Parent
(Wilson/Landy) # 87-88
Another dubious title, included for completeness. Supposedly revised to "Rio Grande." There's no eveidence it existed, save BW's discredited autobiography.

(Wilson/Usher) * 86-87
Later revised as "

Christmas Time
(Wilson/Usher) * 86-87

Concert Tonight
(Wilson/Landy) * 89-91
A full-length version of the song appears on the first mix of
Sweet Insanity. For the revised mix, only the a capella beginning is excepted.

Country Feelin'
(Wilson/Landy/Morgan) 89-91
Released officially on the
For Our Children various artists album.

(Wilson) 96
Released officially on
Imagination, 1998.

Help me Rhonda, yeah, get me out of this coat!
Brian Wilson at Farm Aid, 1998
Daddy's Little Girl
(Wilson/Landy/Morgan) 87-89
Released officially on the
She's Out of Control soundtrack

Dancin' The Night Away
(Wilson/Paley) # 92-95
Partially recorded by the Beach Boys, and re-written by Mike Love as "Baywatch Nights."

Desert Drive
(Wilson/Paley) * 92-95

Doing Time on Planet Earth
(Wilson/Landy/Morgan) * 85-87
Revised as "
Being With the One You Love."

Don't Let Her Know
[Alternate title of "Don't Let Her Know She's an Angel."]

Don't Let Her Know She's an Angel (Wilson/Landy) 85, 89-91
Three recorded versions exist--a
rough piano and vocal demo likely from the mid 80s, the lushly orchestrated version from the "first mix" of Sweet Insanity (with Landy's lyrics), and the version from the second mix, with further revised lyrics.

Do You Have Any Regrets?
[Alternate title of "I Do."]

Dream Angel
(Wilson/Thomas/Peterik) 96-98


Elbow '63
(Wilson/Paley) # 92-95

(Wilson/Thomas) # 96-98
Carl Wilson was supposed to sing this song, and Van Dyke Parks to write lyrics, but Carl died before he had the chance.

Everything I Need
(Wilson/Asher) 96
A lush version with Carnie and Wendy Wilson joining their dad has been released. A much different earlier mix has surfaced as well.

Released officially on
The Wilsons, 1997.

Everything's All Right With the World
(Wilson/Paley) # 92-95


Fantasy Is Reality / Bells of Madness (Phillips/Wilson/Wasserman) 93
With daughter Carnie and bassist Rob Wasserman

Released officially on
Trios (Rob Wasserman album), 1993.


Getting in Over My Head
(Wilson/Paley) * 92-95

God Did It
(Wilson/Paley) # 92-95
Possibly the same song as "In God We Trust." This title comes from Dominic Priore's article on the Paley sessions.

Goin' Home
(Wilson/Paley) # 92-95


Happy Days
(Wilson) 67, 70, 97
The beginning music box section is a section from the Smile song "Holidays." The first two verses have a melody adapted from the unreleased Beach Boys 1970 song "My Solution." The rest (and majority) of the song was composed by BW in 1997.

Released officially on
Imagination, 1998.

Heavenly Lovers
(Wilson/Paley) * 87-88

Heavenly Bodies
(Wilson/Usher) * 86-87

He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body to Move
(Wison/Landy/Buckingham) 85-88
Cut during Wilson's sessions with Gary Usher, it was revived as a collaboration with Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham.

Released officially as the B-side to the "Love and Mercy" single.

Hotter (Wilson/Paley) * 87-88

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