complete compositions, I-P

Credits are in some cases conjectural.
* Unreleased song
# Both unreleased and unavailable on bootleg.
Dates indicate probably year(s) of composistion.

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I Do
(Wilson/Landy) * 89-91
Also called "Do You Have Any Regrets."  Brian wrote a different song with the same title in the 1960s.

I'm Broke
(Wilson) * 85-97
Although written during the Landy years, it wasn't recorded until Brian's 92-95 sessions with Andy Paley.

I'm My Shadow
(Wilson) # 80s

I'm Tired
(Wilson/Usher) # 86-87

In My Car
(Wilson/Landy/Morgan) 87-89
Not to be confused with "Let's Go to Haven In My Car," this song was augmented by Carl Wilson and Al Jardine vocals on the choruses and became a "Beach Boys" track, although it is in all essentials a BW solo track.

Released officially on
Still Cruisin', 1989 (Beach Boys album).

In the Nighttime
(Wilson) * 85
A review

In the Wink of an Eye
(Wilson/Paley) # 92-95

I Sleep Alone
(Wilson/Landy/Morgan) * 89-91
This song was performed live on VH-1 by BW in the early 90s.  No studio version by the composer is known to exist, although it is rumored
Phantom of the Opera star Christine Brightman recorded it.

It's Getting Rough
(Wilson/Usher) # 86-87

It's Happening Again
[Alternate title of "You're Still a Mystery" as re-recorded with Joe Thomas.]

It's Not Easy Being Me
(Wilson/Paley) * 92-95  
A review

I've Been Through This One Before
(Wilson) # 85


Just Say No
(Wilson/Usher/Landy) * 66, 86-87
Reuses a riff found in "Wind Chimes," and "Can't Wait Too Long," songs from the
Smile era.


Labor of Love
(Wilson/Usher) # 86-87

Lay Down Burden
(Wilson/Thomas) 96-98
Released officially on
Imagination, 1998.

Let It Shine (Wilson/Lynne)
Written and produced with Jeff Lynne of the Electric Light Orchestra.

Released officially on
Brian Wilson, 1988.

Let's Do It Again
(Wilson/Landy) * 85-88
Reworked version of "Black Widow" with new lyrics.  Recorded for the '88 solo album, but not used.

Let's Go to Heaven in My Car
(Wilson/Usher/Landy) 86-87
Released officially on the
Police Academy IV Soundtrack, 1987

Let's Get Together
(Wilson/Landy) * 89-91

Let's Get Tonight
[Alternate title of "Let's Get Together."]

Life's Suite
[Alternate title for "Child, Adult, Parent"]

Little Children
(Wilson) 76-77, 88
Written in the late 70s, lyrics slightly revised in 1988.

Released officially on
Brian Wilson, 1988.

The Lost Song
(Wilson) # 85

Love and Mercy
(Wilson/Landy) 85
A version with an extra verse was sung by BW at concert appearances promoting his solo album.

Released officially on
Brian Wilson, 1988.

Love Ya
(Wilson/Landy) * 89-91
Reworked version of "Sweetie" with new lyrics.


Make a Wish
(Wilson/Landy) * 89-91

(Wilson/Usher) # 86-87

Magic Lanterns
(Wilson/Paley) # 87-88

Magnetic Attraction
(Wilson/Usher) * 86-87

Mary Anne
(Wilson/Paley) * 92-95
A riff from the chorus was used as part of the bridge on "Your Imagination."

(Wilson/Paley) * 92-95

Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight
(Wilson/Paley/Dean) 87-88
A version with alternate lyrics exists.  Co-writer Andy Dean was one of Wilson's minders during the Landy period.

Released officially on
Brian Wilson, 1988.

Melinda, Honey
(Wilson) # 96
Recorded during the preliminary sessions for Imagination.  Possibily a revived version of "Marilyn Rovell" a.k.a. "Mary, Honey."  That song was written during the'76-'77 period for his first wife, this one for his second.

Melt Away
(Wilson/Landy) 85
Released officially on
Brian Wilson, 1988.

Metal Beach
(Wilson/Scaffer) 89
Released officially on
Coast To Coast (Paul Schaffer album), 1989.

(Stewart/Bluebell/B. Wilson/C. Wilson/W. Wilson)
Released officially on
The Wilsons, 1997.

Must Be A Miracle (Wilson/Paley) * 92-95


Night Time
(Wilson/Paley/Landy/Morgan) 85-87
Released officially on
Brian Wilson, 1988.


One For the Boys
(Wilson) 85-87
Andy Paley claimed a co-writing credit in an interview.

Released officially on
Brian Wilson, 1988.

Our Babies Have Grown Up on Us
# (Wilson/Thomas) # 96


Pair of Troops
(Wilson/Usher) # 86-87

Power of Love
[Alternate title of "Save the Day."]


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