Zeta is Born

In the Spring semester of 1991, a handful of women decided to establish a Latina sorority at Hofstra University after finding that the other sororities on campus did not meet their expectations in terms of promoting and helping the Latino culture and community. In the Summer of 1991, the women were informed of a new sorority named Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Inc.. The women learned of the sorority's goals and history which brought them to the decision to bring Hermandad de S I A Inc. to Hofstra University.

In the Fall semester of 1991, an interest group of thirty women formed at Hofstra University. These women performed various community service activities with the sisters of S I A . Out of the thirty women, seven were determined to pledge and thus join the sisterhood of S I A .

The Founding Line of the Zeta Chapter
Las Invincibles
Spring 1992

#1 Claudia (Seijo) Rivera
"Hermana Osita"

#2 Karina Borja
"Hermana Gatita"

#3 Migdalia Sanchez
"Hermana Bugsy"

#4 Janet Tavarez
"Hermana Sniffles"

#5 Fanny (Gonzalez) Blair
"Hermana Brillante"

#6 Lisette Montalvo
"Hermana Corazon"

#7 Kathleen VanIhsem
"Hermana Candela"

On December 1992, Hofstra University approved the establishment of a chapter of S I A on campus. Not only did the Zeta Chpater become the first organization approved by the African and Latino Fraternal Sororal Alliance, but it was also the first Latino "Greek" organization recognized at Hofstra University.

Since then, these seven women have graduated and the following women have continued their legacy...

Spring 1993
La Nueva Voz de Manana

#1 Heather Ann Walsh
"Hermana Tormenta blanca"

#2 Freda Desamour
"Hermana Mariposa"

Fall 1993
Las Latinas Determinadas

#1 Taryn Jaramillo
"Hermana Carinosa"

#2 Michelle Arenas
"Hermana Arcoiris"

Spring 1994
La Luz Entre La Oscuridad

#1 Mukunda Tejada
"Hermana Iluminadora"

#2 Glenda Rosado
"Hermana Competidora"

#3 Alexis Santos
"Hermana Pebbles"

Fall 1994
Almas Unidas

#1 Stephanie Johnson
"Hermana Natualeza"

#2 Cynthia Caro
"Hermana Apacible"

#3 Rosangel Perez
"Hermana T.A.I.N.A."

Fall 1995
Tormenta Callada

#1 Erika Cruz
"Hermana Efervecencia"

#2 Amber Lyons
"Hermana Imprevesible"

Spring 1996
Montenerse Apartado

#1 Elisabet "Lisa" Soto
"Hermana Empenosa"

Spring 1997
Las Inolvidables

#1 Tamara Montalvo
"Hermana Angelica"

#2 Jeanette Spataro
"Hermana Riqueza"

#4 Lisa Collet
"Hermana Corriente Callada"

Spring 1998

#1 Miguelina Rodriguez
"Hermana Clavel"

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