These Anagrams originated as an inside thing that no one knew about or publicized. As a result the number of Anagramed cards has steadily grown. Listed on this page is probably one of the most complete lists of scrambled names. This though doesnt mean that there arent many more out there. I know for a fact that there are as here are excerpts from Two different Decipher Employees (whom shall remain anonomous):

"All the cards I'm thinking of currently are from the premiere set....Good luck finding them...They're there though and the ones I'm thinking of are still employees."

"Good, but you are missing quite a few...(sorry, won't say)"

Think that you can find them? Email your submissions in to be posted here.

SWCCG Card Unscambled Anagram Anagram Relation
Blizzard 2 (Nevar) Raven Kallenbach's dog
Brangus Glee Snuggle Bear Juz!?
Bren Quersey [Jonathan] Quesenberry Red Leader
Bron Burs (UGLY) Rob Burns Artist--Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Caldera Righim Michael Girard Gold 120
Captain Bewil [Sandy] Wible Game Designer
Chall Bekan Kallenbach Deciperian Family
Chief Retwin [Jason] Winter Former Decipherian
Chyler Cheryl Cheryl Kallenbach
Corporal Kensaric [John] Sarnecki Gold 7
Debnoli Blondie Good, The Bad & Ugly
Djas Puhr Jasper Jerry's Cat
Elis Helot Rollie Tesh Game Creator
Elyhek Rue Kyle Heuer Rogue Leader
Gela Yeens (BAD) Angel Eyes Good, The Bad & Ugly
Ghana Gleemort Maarten Logge
Harc Seff [Mark] Schaffer Gold 41
Imperial Helmsman (Bachenhall) Kallenbach Decipherian Family
Imperial Trooper Guard Dainsom [Bob/Will] Madison Decipherian
Kebyc Becky [Higgerson] Decipherian
Laudica Claudia Darcy Jerry Darcy's Wife
Leesub Sirlin Leslie Burns Decipherian
Leslomy Tacema Stacy Mollema Licensing @ LucasFilms
Lieutenant Sheckil [Tom] Lischke Game Designer
Lieutenant Tarn Mison [Bill] Martinson Decipherian
Loci Rosen Eric Olsen Bravo 7
Murttoc Yine Tim Courtney Red 37 (Retired)
Nabrun Leids Braunlich Decipherian?
Nevar Yalnal Raven Kallenbach's dog
Niado Duegad Diaogana Dude Examine Lore
Nysad Sandy [Wible] Game Designer
Palejo Reshad Joseph Alread Gold 79 (Intern)
Pote Snitkin Keith Skipton??? Decipherian
Pucumir Thryss Curtiss Murphy ????
R'kik D'nec Kendrick Summers Gold Leader
Rennek Kenner Toy Co.
Rayc Ryjerd Jerry Darcy Game Designer
Rycar Ryjerd Jerry Darcy (Extra R) Game Designer
Sandcrawler (Warren-like) Warren [Holland] CEO of Decipher
Swilla Corey Carol Wisely Decipherian
Tanus Spijek Justin Pakes (AUSSIE) Decipherian
Velken Tezeri Kevin Reitzel Bravo Leader
Warrent Officer M'Kae Mark McKay Mark Tuttle's Radio Name
Yerka Mig Mike Gray Decipherian