Basketball - I love this game!

I have been a huge fan of the Los Angeles Lakers since I saw my first game on TV when I was 10 years old! The days when Magic was there and everyone feared SHOWTIME were the greatest. Can you believe they made the trade for Shaquille O'neill? Now they are only a 0.500 team, and that is only with Shaq in the lineup! Surely you are all fans of the NBA too... so why don't you visit their homepage at

What about those Chicago Bulls...Da Bulls!! 72 wins in one season is very impressive, of course they won it all again and now they seem to be on the same path. I doubt they will repeat last years amazing record but that is OK. Even if Jordan plays at 80 %, he is still the best player ever.

Running - Who says distance counts??, INTERVALS! INTERVALS! INTERVALS!

If running is your sport, do I have some sites for you to visit. I stumbled across a Listserv which enticed my interest significantly, The Dead Runners Society. It's a Mailserver which discusses the in's and out's of running (among other subjects) and as their motto goes "Carpe Viam". Running will always be a large part of my life. I enjoy cross country running more than sprints.

There are many running resources on the NET, I've listed the few I believe to be the best.

  • Internet Resources for Runners
  • Internet Running Related Sources
  • Stephen Pribut's Home Page I believe this is one of the best information links from injuries to training! Stephen's web page is considered to be one of the best that exist according to many running magazines.
  • Track-Canada Homepage Check this site out to support our rising and veteran Canadian track athletes. This has to be one of the best sites I have seen around the WEB

    Soccer is my favorite sport of all time. I can watch any game anywhere anytime. It doesn't even matter who's playing really, because it's all just about the finesse of the game, not having a winning team. However if you need to know my favorite team, I'll tell you. My favorite team is Manchester United.

    Olympic Games

    If you're suffering from Summer Olympic Fever Check out this site for all your Olympic needs. At this site you will find pages for all the upcoming olypic games and tons of information.

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