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Now this is a very important page. This is my Links page which includes links to the amazing homepages done by my friends as well as some by anonymous users on the internet that I have stumbled upon!.

Frederic's Homepage - This is the place for people with insatiable appetites for knowledge. Whether it be science, Civil Engineering (best faculty ever) or something related to recreation and "boat races", it's all here!

Ghislain's Climbing - in New Brunwisk Page - Your one stop on your way to the top, great ressource for all your climbing needs.

Anton Topilnyckyi's Homepage - Stop here for engineering stuff and animations.

There are more to come when I have more time to edit this page and my friends give me their adresses.

Hugo's Homepage - It is just chalk full of links to the Sweden, USA and Canada.

Paul Moss' The HomeGrown Web Site

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