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Well this is going to be my attempt at putting something worth while on the WWW. However I'm sure I'll just end up talking about nothing at all... kind of like "Seinfeld"!! (That's a wonderful show). Too bad this will be the final season, did everyone tape all the episodes to keep forever? Maybe I am the onely one who does that kind of thing.

I'm going to start with one of my favorite shows of all time - GARGOYLES


First the legal stuff. Gargoyles is a legal trademark of Walt Disney and Buena Vista Television. With that over we can get started with the important issues like when is it on. Gargoyles began as a daily cartoon series at 4:30 pm EST during the week. Now for some strange reason it has become a weekly show on Saturdays at 10:00 EST, but the show is now called "Gargoyles - The Goliath Chronicles" The original series is still available in syndication weekdays on various networks. (check your local listings). Unfortunatly, I believe the executives have made a gigantic mistake moving the show. My problems with the new series are the following:

Perhaps my opinion will change over the coming months, I can't be sure, but I am sure that I will continue watching this series even if my family and friends laugh at my fanatic interest in the show.

My Interests

I guess one way for me to introduce myself is to discuss my interests. I scratched the surface on my first page... now it's time for details. I enjoy most sports, however my favorite are Soccer, X-Country Running, Skiing, swimming and volleyball. I will watch any soccer game no matter who's playing or where they're playing. I love soccer, as the T-shirt says "Soccer is life, the rest are just DETAILS!!" Another sport I love to watch but can't really play (other than shooting) is basketball. I LOVE THIS GAME (official trademark of the NBA). I discuss my interests furter on my Athletics Page.

I'm an avid movie watcher (not goer because the theatre cost too much and I am a student with no money of course). Go to my film page for more details. My favorites of all time would have to be :

Speaking of books. There are some masterpieces which haven't been made
into movies but I still enjoyed them (if not more). Presently I am
reading a Trilogy called "Hook, Line, Sinker" by author
Len Deighton. Read more about him on my unofficial page!

My Personal Records

This is the corner of my site where I'm going to keep a .wav sound
available for downloading. I hope to change it every month or so...
here goes!

Sound .wav

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