Scott's Growing Humor Archive

Most of the jokes found on this page are NOT original...I either heard them somewhere or picked them up off the net. So far I can only take credit for most of the I wonder why's. More jokes will be added. Anyway Enjoy....
Sometimes I wonder why.
Want the real story behind Scooby Doo? this is funny!!!!
Ever been turned down for a job?
An engineer's view of Santa.
Want to learn how to write a country song?
See the real meaning of college degrees.
See the college entrance exam for football players.
Here is the universal grade change form.
Here are the five toughest questions women ask men.
Here are 60 things to do in an elevator.
Here are some selected questions from the PSAT.
Wile E. Coyote sues the Acme Company.
A boy learns what politics are really about.
Joke about a smart rabbi.
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