If you've been here during the 1997-98 season, you may have noticed my trivia has a different look...and formula. No longer is the trivia where I manually mark your answers, the computer will now give you instant results instead! Over 40 fans participated in the old trivia, and I'm sure many more will participate here. Among those 40, I've gathered the names with the greatest results, and placeed them into an "honour roll." Anyone that placed over 87% in the old trivia was inducted. The inductees are:

Josh Kolba
Peter Bosco
Christoffer Suboticki
Glenn Planck
Jenna Swerc

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1. Stevie was born in the city of...
2. Who had Steve idolized as a child?
3. Steve was runner-up for the Calder Trophy. Who edged him to win?
4. Minutes after scoring his 50th goal in 1988, what happened?
5. What day did he score his 1 000th point?
6. What did Stevie do after losing to Toronto in the 1993 playoffs?
7. On what day did he score his 500th goal?
8. What show did he appear on June 22nd, after winning his 2nd stanley cup?
9. Who is not ahead of Yzerman in career points?
10. Where does Yzerman plan to live once retired?

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