In 1987-88, Yzerman had gotten used to the NHL, and now it was his turn to shine in the spotlight. As Stevie started scoring more, people started paying more attention to him. Coach Jacques Demers had given him the name "Stevie Wonder." What a great name. On the ice, he really was a wonder. He was consistantly among the top 10 leaders in scoring, but an awful tragedy was about to make history. One night in February, Steve was playing a magnificent game, as always. He'd just recently passed the 100 point barrier, a major thrill in his career, since it was the first time. That February night, he scored his 50th goal of the season for the first time in his new career. He was thrilled, for a little while. A few minutes later on the ice, Steve went down with an injury, the cause was by a player from the opposing team.


"It went from the happiest moment of my life to the scariest," exclaimed Steve. He missed the rest of the season, and eventually was knocked out of the top 10 in scoring, despite missing 16 games. Stevie finished the season with 50 goals, 52 assists, and 102 points in only 64 games. Stevie made it just in time for the playoffs, and then almost singlehandedly carried the team to the Stanley Cup when they were stopped by Gretzky's Edmonton Oilers in the conference finals. The Oilers would go on to win the Cup. And who else but Steve was blamed for the team's loss. Very unfair.

He'd show them. At the end of the 1988-89 season, the Red Wigs club would have to rewrite their record books. Steve finshed the season with a whopping 65 goals, 90 assists, and 155 points. Any player's dream would be to have 155 points, fortunately, not many other players were able to make their dream a reality. He finished third in scoring, behind Mario Lemieux(85/114/199) and Wayne Gretzky(54/114/168) What surprised me was that the Y edged out the Great in goals, 65-54. Yzerman won the Lester B. Pearson that year as the leagues most outstanding player. His 155 points were only passed by those numbers by Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux. To this date, no player other than Wayne and Mario ever reached 155 points in a single season. Today's stars such as Jaromir Jagr, Paul Kariya, and Peter Forsberg will never reach 155 points. It's too impossible. Stevie was placed third in Hart(team MVP)  balloting.

Yzerman knew what was coming at him. The next year, everyone wanted another 155 point season from Stevie, but that was a career year, and career years don't usually repeat. The fans were still gracious that Yzerman could score 100 points very easily. He again placed third in scoring with 127 points(62/65) behind Wayne Gretzky(142 points) and Mark Messier(129 points.) In there was a such thing as a clinch for leading your team in points, Yzerman would have won it by the time half of the season went by. He led the Wings' second leading scorer on by 47 points!

1990-91 went by quickly, just a regular 50 goal, 100 point season(50/58/108.) In 1991-92(that's the year I became obsessed with Yzerman!) Yzerman missed the 50 goal mark for the first time in 5 years. He finished the season with 45 goals, 58 assists, and 103 points.

1992-93 was a spectacular year for Stevie Y. He was voted starter for the All-Star game in Montreal. On February 24th, 1993, Steve recorded his 1000th career point, in just 737 games, and only 8 players recorded 1000 points in fewer games. The Wings lost to Buffalo 10-7 that night, despite Yzerman notching one goal and three assists. He would finish the season with 137 points(58/79) good enough for fourth in overall scoring.

Yzerman managed to score 82 points in 1993-94, but in 58 games. It was because of his herniated disk that caused him to miss the first 24 games, that caused Sergei Fedorov to emerge as the team's leading scorer, and that caused most hockey fans to forget about him. Had Yzerman stayed healthy the whole year, Yzerman would've placed 2nd in points, and with Steve and Sergei playing on the same line, Steve might've had a chance at the Art Ross Trophy(leading scorer!)