THE ORIGINS OF KATA---Several sources were used to determine the Kata, the translation and the source. Please remember that prior to the early 1900's there were not very many written records of the Shito-Ryu system. And of those, many were lost during World War Two. The Kata that are listed are not all of the Kata. They are, however, the Kata that are taught by Seishinkai.

However, the original purpose of the Kata is still the same. Body power, breath control and precise movement are still the same lessons that are taught by Kata. It is generally understood that it is not the quanitity of the Kata that a student should be concerned with, but the quality of the few Kata that the student has learned. Shito-Ryu Karate system is one that concentrates on Kata and not on application. This is not true!!! The bunkai of the Kata is of primary importance, and is emphasized in most Shit0-Ryu schools. Bunkai will lead to Kumite and Kumite is the application of the lessons that Kata has taught us.