3/20/97---- Added the player of the Cards win, and updated the log, for todays game. Still working on some details for the page, looking for new ideas still!

3/19/97---- Added the game update for today, Looking for some new stuff to add if you have any suggestions mail me at so I have a few ideas 

3/18/97---- Added a banner to the top of my page, I already used the other one for link exchange, I thought the one on the top of my page was awesome! Well by the end of the day I should have an updated report of the Cards latest win(I hope). 

3/17/97---- Added the newest game reports and updated the player of the game. Got my banner yesterday, that was a relief, now I will be famous!!!! 

3/16/97---- Added some more stuff to the subheadings and I got rid of the pesky guestbook, made me mad, changed the format of the front page. 

3/15/97----  Added the front page and got a guestbook and all the advertisement. Added all the sub titles and I havent gotten around to adding the info under the subheadings. You will have to wait until Spring Training gets over!