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Here is my own personal FAQ page that may answer a lot of your questions

Why Do You Call Yourself "The Dean Of Wrestling Referees"?

The use of the name is in honor of the first referee I ever saw when I first caught on to wrestling by accident when I was 12, the legendary Connie Marker out of Indianapolis, who refereed for Dick The Bruiser for many years. When I first started working in the ring, I caught myself doing a lot of the same things Connie did. Rather than change my style, I continued to go with it as the audiences tend to react quite well to what I do. I only decided to start using the title when I went on my own to distinguish myself from other referees, not out of disrespect, but to point out my experience in terms of longevity in the business and the caliber of the people I have worked with over the course of my career.

Why The Flat Top Haircut?

The look I sport has been changed and refined over the years. The flat top is what I changed to after having been completely bald at the request of one promoter for several years. When a tv taping went to a two camera shoot that was not being edited live, I did not shave my head, I just did the flat top. The look worked, so I have kept it.

So Why Did You Go Back To The Bald Look?

My lack of hair in the front, pure and simple. When I decided to go back in the ring, I knew I no longer had enough left in the front to make a good Flat Top, so I went back to the shaved head. I am comfortable with it, and everyone I know likes it, so that's how it will stay.

Where Do The Wristbands Come From?

The wristbands came about after a Battle Of The Belts (Windy City) show where I had to completely call a match. The spots were written on the wrist tape I sported that night so I could refer to them to keep the match on track. I switched over to the wrist bands because A.) I did not want to have to pre wrap or shave my wrists. B.) I use them to wipe the sweat off me during a match.

What About The Red Towel?

Now, about that towel. This is probably one of my biggest trademarks, it was, at one time, also one of the more controversial among some wrestlers. How this happened was totally by accident. I used to use the towel back in the days of regulation by the State of Illinois to cover the patch I had to wear on my shirt so I could walk around and check out things before a show, but I would leave it in the back at bell time. On the first night of the old MCW promotion, the show started before I could get to the back to drop the towel off, so I walked to the ring with the towel around my shoulders. People reacted, so I kept with it. There have been times with certain people booking that I have been asked to keep the towel off so I have, and it was noticed. Now, I keep the towel at all times as part of my character. It is also great because I do sweat a lot.

I hope this answers a lot of your questions

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