Heavyweight Champion 1952-1956

Rocky Marciano is the ONLY undefeated champion in ANY weight class in the history of gloved boxing. Considering how many champions there have been, somewhat over 300, that is quite a feat in itself.
But he also brought to boxing the kind of dignity and courage that makes us admire the truly great athletes.

"What would be better than walking down any street in any city and knowing you're a champion?" he once asked.

"Rocky Marciano stood out like a rose in a garbage dump. "Jimmy Cannon said of The Rock's character in a sport that all too often is tainted by corruption and greed.

Jersey Joe Walcott, who lost his title to Marciano, said "He was a man of courage inside the ring. Outside, he was kind and gentle."
Rocky Marciano was the Heavyweight Champion from 1952 until his retirement in 1956. He is the only champion at any weight class with a perfect record of all wins, no losses and no draws. He was one of the greatest power punchers in boxing history, with an awesome 43 KOs in 49 fights.


(43 Knockouts)

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On Sept. 23, 1952, Marciano climbed into the ring to challenge the heavyweight champion, Jersey Joe Walcott. What followed was what many have called the greatest heavyweight championship fight of all time. In the first round, Walcott caught Marciano with a perfect left hook that dropped him for the first time in 43 fights! But The Rock was up at the count of 3,despite his corner yelling for him to take the 8 count. From then on it was a brutal fight, with Walcott using all his ring skills, hitting Marciano with shot after shot that would have knocked out most other fighters. But Rocky was relentless, taking tremendous punishment as he bulled his way into close range to land his own hard blows. By the 12th round, Walcott was ahead on all scorecards, and Rocky's corner told him he needed a knockout to win. In the fateful 13th round, Jersey Joe stepped back from Marciano, his back to the ropes, and Rocky delivered a right hand punch that would probably have felled any fighter who ever lived. Walcott slumped to the floor, one arm hanging on the lower rope, and was counted out. It took several minutes to revive him. Rocky Marciano was the new Heavyweight Champion of the World!
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"My name is Peter Marciano, Rocky's younger brother. My congratulations to you for your web page. I would loved to have done something similar, however if I did it, it would have looked like I was bragging. I could not be more in agreement with you." Peter Marciano, Jan. 13th, 2000

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Many have asked about films of Rocky. I have available a documentary about Rocky Marciano as well as tapes of his fights.

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