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Montemurro - A Community in Basilicata's Province of Potenza

Why a Montemurro Homepage. Since the mid-1800s, many Italian men and women have emigrated from Italy. Some came to the United States of America from Montemurro. Often they joined relatives and friends in small Italian neighborhoods that mirrored the town they left behind. As generations passed, some family names were changed through marriage and some have become Americanized. Time has made it difficult for the descendants of Montemurro emigrees to find and reestablish their roots to this Italian community.

Many descendants of Montemurro emigrees, the "Montemurro Cugini," want to learn as much as they can about their ancestors and their ancient roots deep in Montemurro. Hopefully, this homepage will be a place where Montemurro 'cugini ed amici' living in Italy, America, and all over our shrinking planet, can meet and get to know one another. It will be a place to exchange ideas and information about genealogy, family histories, and stories and memories of Montemurro. It will be a place where we Montemurresi around the world can learn about the history of Montemurro and its people, and gain a better understanding of themselves and their origins.


Extracts from New York Times 1996, with comments by Diego Santalucia
Montemurro, a small hillside town overlooking the Agri River valley, is situated in the beautiful, if often bypassed, southern Italian region of Basilicata. The Town dates from the 10th century, and was thought to be founded by the Saracens; however, more recent studies indicate that this may not be so.

Throughout the Middle Ages and into the 18th century, the town flourished as an agricultural community. Then the first of a series of disasters struck Montemurro in 1857, when an earthquakedestroyed many of the town's buildings, killing 4,000 people, roughly half the population. In 1907, a landslide swept through the eastern part of the town. The earthquake that devastated Central and Southern Italy did not spare Montemurro. Today the population of the town, whose economy is still based on agriculture, has dropped to about 1,700.

Though few notable monuments remain, one can still see the convent of Saint Anthony, with its 17th-century facade, as well as the 15th-century Church of the Annunziata.

The Sanctuary of the Madonna di Servigliano, built in the early 20th century on a hill overlooking Montemurro, plays an important role as a local pilgrimage site. During the summer, the church houses a venerated statue of the Virgin, which dates from around 1300; in the winter the statue is kept in town. Two religious processions - one on the second Sunday of May and one on the Saturday preceding the second Sunday in September - mark the migration of the statue to and ffrom the Sanctuary. You may be interested in the September event, a solemn, candlelight procession, followed by fireworks and musical and dramatic performances.

Where Montemurro is located and how to get there

For transportation, your best bet is to rent a car in in Naples or Salerno. There is a regular bus service to Montemurro, where are at least four bus stops in the village! Twice a day a bus leaves for Naples and other buses leave for Potenza, the provincial capital, and Villa D'Agri which is a small nearby town in the valley. The Villa D'Agri bus stop at the crossroads on the national way. The "Fondo Val D'Agri" is about four kilometres from Montemurro. It is used to connect to buses going to other destinations, or to get the bus that twice a week connects Val D'Agri with Milan. For more information contact the Montemurro Tourist Bureau, (0971) 753446.

There are neither hotels in Montemurro nor a train station. The nearest accommodation, the four-star Hotel Madison, is seven (7) kilometers away in Contrada Aspro Pertusilia. A double room costs about $70 with breakfast. Information: (0975) 65656.

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