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Clockwise, from top left-hand corner:
Alexei Urmanov, Alexei Yagudin, Alexander Abt, Ilya Kulik, Evgeny Plushenko.
(Pose copied from a super-deformed Sailor Moon image)

Welcome to the Skater Chibis Webpage! If you're wondering what a chibi is, it's a Japanese cartooning style, also known as "super-deformed". This style of cartooning is so named as it "deforms" regular body proportions, making them look babyish (see examples above). This webpage is dedicated to cartoons of current top skaters drawn in this style.

Still interested? Have a look around! :-)

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Last Updated: 03/12/03

No new updates, I'm afraid... I just felt like promoting my latest figure skating-related project here. ;-) If you're interested, you can check it out (it requires Javascript to be enabled to work, though).

A little side note... This website is now 6 years old. Granted, I don't update as much as I'd like to (kicks useless scanner), but that isn't bad, considering how a lot of webpages on the 'Net come and go. Besides... I'm rather fond of my very first webpage. :-)

What's New?

04/30/02 - Touched up the desktop wallpapers in the Other Stuff section (not that it's particularly noticable... ;)P
01/09/02 - Updated most of the backgrounds in the Other Stuff section.
03/22/01 - Happy (belated) birthday, Skater Chibis! (Yeesh, I nearly forgot it was the webpage's 4th anniversary... ;)P
05/23/00 - Finally added some new chibis to the Men and Pros pages: Yay! :-D
04/17/00 - Just moved my awards to the Links page. (Yes, I can be humble... ;)P
04/06/00 - Updated the Other Stuff page with Desktop Wallpapers and a brand-new animated gif!
03/03/00 - Nothing much, I just updated my e-mail link... I also won a new award. :-)
04/19/99 - Added some animated gifs of Ilya Kulik, Alexei Urmanov and Alexei Yagudin to the Other Stuff page.
03/15/99 - Added several new backgrounds to the Other Stuff page. BTW, it's the webpage's second anniversary. Happy birthday, Skater Chibis! :-)
01/25/99 - Check out my Valentine's Day card!
12/02/98 - Okay, I've added the Ladies backgrounds to the Other Stuff page, so that section is now complete! :-)
12/01/98 - Added new Other Stuff page, with new backgrounds. They're all Mens, I'm afraid... I'll add some of the Ladies in a few days (for some reason, the colours turned out weird and I have to fix that :-P)
11/02/98 - Hey! I won another award! :-) Well, at least it's something to put on the page... ;-)
08/25/98 - Just touched up a few tiny mistakes on some of the chibis...
07/18/98 - Finished updating all the chibis to 24-bit colour. Whew! :-)
06/30/98 - Updated Dance, Mens and Ladies.
06/27/98 - Updated the Mens, Ladies and Pros pages
(Sorry, you'll have to find out what I've updated for yourself! ;-)

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The Original Skater Chibis - Skater Chibis... By Lar
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Image from Ranma 1/2, property of Rumiko Takahashi.

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