The Skater Chibis

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These were scanned, then coloured using Paintshop Pro; the backgrounds were transparentized using Photoshop 4.0. (The original cartoons were coloured with Paintbrush.)

Cartoons drawn by: Cherryne K. Edejer

All images on this page are in GIF format; click on the image to see it by itself.


Irina Slutskaya (RUS) 01/20/98, 01/28/98

Maria Butyrskaya (RUS) 01/16/98

Olga Markova (RUS) 03/17/97

Nicole Bobek (USA) 05/05/97 11/25/97, 01/21/98, 03/12/98, 04/03/98

Michelle Kwan (USA) 11/25/97, 01/21/98, 03/12/98, 04/03/98

Vanessa Gusmeroli (FRA) 01/29/98

Kristina Czako (HUN) 01/21/98

To see more Ladies' cartoons, click here. 09/11/97

Coming soon... Tanja Sweczenko
...And more cartoons of the skaters you see now! :-)

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